Forum: Africom, the Militarization of Africa

What is Africom? Why did Bush have Africom confirmed by the Senate without my knowledge? What can I do to help?

This event in Atlanta, GA will answer those questions and more. Featuring:

African drums, dance and song
Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) heading a panel discussion
A review of a film on Africom
Petition signing
A Q&A session with the subject’s leading experts

This event is cosponsored by Resist Africom, Foreign Policy In Focus/Institute for Policy Studies, the World African Diasporan Union, and the Africa Faith and Justice Network.

AFRICOM’s Ugandan Blunder

The Pentagon touts a victory for the Africa Command’s support of a recent Ugandan incursion into Congo. Media reports suggest otherwise.

Inaugural Mulligan

Let’s pretend that we’ve simply gotten off on the wrong foot with this century.

Lame Legacy

As Bush’s days in office wind down, the ultimate lame duck and his circle of sycophants begin to look towards securing his legacy.

Israel: Mini-Me?

Zionist ideology — the notion that redemption comes through the settlement of land — is powerful. It’s the heart of the settler state’s mythology, in Israel as in the United States.

AFRICOM Rally and Protest

AFRICOM Rally and Protest

On October 27th, military contractors and mercenaries will come to DC to attend a conference on "Engaging AFRICOM." Under the umbrella of the International Peace Operations Association (IPOA), these contractors will discuss opportunities for making money off of the Pentagon’s new military command.

IPOA only encourages and enables the militarization of Africa through AFRICOM. U.S. Government spending — our tax dollars — shouldn’t enable the Department of Defense to pursue its Middle East agenda in Africa.

Whether victims of domestic policing or foreign occupation, anti-war activists or liberation fighters, environmentalists or people of faith, citizens must stand united against the military’s newest exertion of power.

Join us to protest AFRICOM and the IPOA Conference. Speakers and musicians will take the stage at Taft Memorial Park for a rally, followed by a protest outside the IPOA Conference at the Liaison Hotel.

For more information, or to get involved,  please contact:

Saif Rahman, Institute for Policy Studies, 202-234-9382 x 254;
And check out the Resist AFRICOM site.


Postcard from…Freetown

Postcard from…Freetown

In countries like Sierra Leone, AFRICOM is definitely not the answer to Africa’s challenges.

Africas Own Needs Should Come First

Rising prices make African oil a tempting prize. But African leaders are resisting U.S. plans to militarize the continent, saying their resources should be used to alleviate poverty.

Candidates for Congress Show the Way Out

The 2006 mid-term election sent a clear signal: Americans want out of Iraq. As the occupation drags on, 10 candidates for the U.S. Congress announce a plan to bring all the troops home.