Even in the face of unprecedented threats to our democracy, IPS and the movements we support racked up huge wins this year. Though the times ahead will be challenging, with your help we know we can keep winning.

Here are 8 reasons to support IPS with a gift today.

1. America’s most inspiring movements look to IPS. We’re proud to be the research arm of the Poor People’s Campaign, which organizes tens of thousands of low-income Americans. They announced our stats at rallies like this year’s Moral March on Washington and carried them on placards on their way to occupy congressional offices, holding lawmakers accountable and winning big victories.

2. So do the leading progressives in Congress. As a founder of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Center and a co-chair of its Policy Council, IPS has been a go-to resource for the progressive lawmakers who’ve won the biggest legislative victories in generations, from expanding the Child Tax Credit to taxing corporations to fund green jobs and health care.

3. We know how to level the playing field. Corporate taxes reached rock-bottom levels under Trump. But this year we won a 15 percent minimum corporate tax and a brand-new tax on the stock manipulations corporations use to send CEO pay skyrocketing. These are ideas IPS experts have pushed, polished, and popularized for years!

4. Movements are fighting for change at all levels — and our research supports them. In a year when our experts exposed the pandemic profiteering of billionaires in Massachusetts, for example, voters there cleared the way for a new “millionaires tax.”

5. We know how to win in tough political climates. Despite landing on President Nixon’s “enemies list” and being wiretapped, targeted, and harassed in the 1960s and ‘70s, we kept on supporting the civil rights and antiwar movements of the era — and we won. More recently, we helped postal unions save the public postal service from a concerted attack under Trump.

6. We have the reach to change hearts, minds, and the conversation. Our work has been reported on over 3,900 times this year alone — from the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to NPR and from the Associated Press to a newspaper near you. We’ve also placed 2,000 syndicated op-eds in newspapers and websites reaching 8 million print readers and 80 million digital readers throughout the heartland.

7. We give visionary voices abroad a vital boost. Unique among think tanks, we help brave progressives abroad fundraise, connect, and survive. The new progressive leaders of Brazil, Colombia, and Chile are all past winners of our Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Awards.

8. We’re training the next generation of leaders. In a year where Gen. Z and millennial voters turned out in record numbers, we’re nurturing a new generation of public scholars. We welcomed yet another cohort of Next Leaders and New Mexico Fellows, trained youth immigrant advocates on Capitol Hill, and gave writing workshops to emerging advocates across the country.

We’ve got a lot more to accomplish in 2023 — and we’ll have new challenges to confront. But with your support, we’ll find a way together.

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