The crush of coverage regarding all the House, Senate, and gubernatorial races (see below) is burying several huge political stories. Such as:

Speaker Bachmann? “There is a ‘draft Michele Bachmann’ effort afoot among House conservatives (and prospective members) to move the Minnesota Republican into the leadership,” FOX News reports (hat tip to HuffPo’s Sam Stein). That’s probably going to be great for the Minnesota Republican’s ego, but a disaster for the GOP as it tries to expand its political gains.

Operation Turncoat. In the likely event that they don’t gain 10 seats tonight, Republicans may pressure Independent Joe Lieberman and some real Senate Democrats to join the GOP, according to The Upshot, a Y! News blog.

Sí se Puede! Last-minute polls found that Latino voters were more enthusiastic about hitting the polls than previously projected. “Latino voters are poised to surprise the political class with an unprecedented mid-term turnout,” said Frank Sharry, Executive Director of the immigration reform organization America’s Voice.


Dem. Chris Coons defeated Republican Christine “I’m not a witch” O’Donnell in Delaware. The GOP stripped incumbent Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) of her Senate seat and Republicans nabbed seats previously occupied by Dems in Indiana and North Dakota. Dem Richard Blumenthal knocked out Republican Linda McMahon, of the World Wrestling Entertainment empire in Connecticut. Democrat Joe Manchin will beat Republican John Raese in West Virginia, at least according to exit poll data. Tea Party fave Marco Rubio prevailed in Florida. Republican incumbents Burr and Shelby of North Carolina and Alabama, both named Richard, will keep their jobs. Dems Barbara Mikulski of Maryland and Patrick Leahy of Vermont will retain their seats. In New Hampshire and Ohio, GOP candidates won seats previously held by different Republicans.

Gubernatorial race:
Dem. Mike Beebe, the incumbent, won in Arkanas. Dem John Lynch, also an incumbent, won in New Hampshire. Republican Rick Scott has a big lead in Florida, with 38 percent of the vote counted.

House races:
So far, according to The New York Times, the Dems have claimed 33 seats while the GOP has nailed 77. The Times is saying that Dems are down six seats to the GOP has gained six, including in a Virginia district where President Obama campaigned for Rep. Tom Perriello (D). Republican Robert Hurt has unseated the Freshman Democrat, The Washington Post reports.

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