Is coronavirus dangerous for kids? Yes — but not for the reasons you may think.

Youth appears to be a protective factor from the coronavirus. Although younger folks can still transmit it to older people, symptoms are milder to nonexistent in young people who contract the disease. But that doesn’t mean the disease isn’t a huge threat to children and infants.

As the virus spreads, millions of children and babies from low-income families could face severe risks of hunger, homelessness, and other dangers unless protective economic measures are taken immediately.

In the U.S., the Institute for Policy Studies and the Poor People’s Campaign have estimated that between 135 million and 140 million people in 2018 were poor or low-income. Of that number, nearly 40 million are children.

Read the full story at MarketWatch.

Karen Dolan directs the Criminalization of Race and Poverty Project at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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