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Wealthy white households control the vast majority of the nation’s economic resources, and they appear to have no idea how the rest of society lives.

It’s pleasant to think history is marching towards a more fair and equitable society. Things might be a bit rough around the edges right now, but there’s progress, the story goes.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the deep racial wealth divide in the United States, the numbers just don’t back this up. Rather than closing, if we don’t take steps to change the course we’re on, that gap could go on growing forever.

A pair of recent research papers bears this story out.

The first comes from a group of Yale psychologists who looked at public misperceptions around racial economic equality. The researchers looked at black and white populations from low-income and high-income households alike and compared their assessments of racial economic equity.

Read the full article at Quartz.

Josh Hoxie directs the Opportunity and Taxation Project at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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