Phyllis Bennis on her recent writings for The Hill and InsideSources, in which she calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, and explains the impact of Israeli apartheid. Phyllis Bennis Discusses Need for a Ceasefire in Gaza on This Is Hell! Podcast - Institute for Policy Studies

Phyllis Bennis joins the This is Hell! podcast to discuss the need for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, highlighting the devastating humanitarian impact of attacks on Gaza and the massive civilian casualties that have resulted.

“A ceasefire is crucial because people’s lives are at stake,” Bennis warns. “There are 2. 2 million people who live in Gaza. The vast majority of them, almost 2. 2 million people, are not fighters. They are the ones who are suffering.”

Listen to the full podcast at This is Hell!

Phyllis Bennis directs the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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