Cancun Agreement Succeeds in Meeting Low Expectations

They did it! After pre-announcing that no major decisions would result from Cancun talks and nearly two weeks of debates and discussions, the army of international climate change negotiators reached an agreement fully in line with the low expectations for it.

Brazil: Toward the Continuation of Lulismo

Dilma Rousseff came very close to winning in the first round of voting in Brazil, she ended up on the threshold of the government currently led by Lula de Silva.

2010: Year of the Nini

If Time magazine had any inkling of sense, it would name the Nini the person of the year for 2010.

Pollution Knows No Borders

Mexico, Canada and the United States have serious problems with the emission of diverse pollutants.

The Lowest Form of Military Aggression

On July 1, 2010, Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly authorized the U.S. military to undertake policing duties in Costa Rica, based on an expired “Cooperation Agreement.”

Manufacturing a Border Crisis

Unlike Mexican border states where drug-fueled violence has been on the upswing, violent crime rates in U.S. states bordering Mexico have been decreasing for the last several years.

Bolivia Climate Conference: Indigenous Peoples Design Roadmap to New World

Indigenous peoples from around the world, including Maori from New Zealand and Gwich’in from the far north in Alaska, came to the World Peoples Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth to share their wisdom and set new ground rules to ensure the protection of Mother Earth and the survival of the planet.