With knowledge that elements of its army and ISI obviously provided sanctuary for Osama bin Laden, Pakistan’s Q ratings, already low, are tanking. They’re about to bottom out, now thanks to this, courtesy of Andrew Bast at the Daily Beast-Newsweek (unclear where one ends and the other begins):

According to new commercial-satellite imagery obtained exclusively by Newsweek, Pakistan is aggressively accelerating construction at the Khushab nuclear site, about 140 miles south of Islamabad. The images, analysts say, prove Pakistan will soon have a fourth operational reactor, greatly expanding plutonium production for its nuclear-weapons program. . . . Although the White House declined to comment, a senior U.S. congressional official who works on nuclear issues told Newsweek that intelligence estimates suggest Pakistan has already developed enough fissile material to produce more than 100 warheads and manufacture between eight and 20 weapons a year. “There’s no question,” the official says, “it’s the fastest-growing program in the world.”

Between harboring bin Laden, allegedly responsible for thousands of deaths (if he’d been captured and tried we might know for sure) and now this, Pakistan had better be careful. Otherwise that most racist of all libels — “They value human life less than us” — will stick.

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