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At IPS, our work is centered in our vision: we believe everyone has a right to thrive on a planet where all communities are equitable, democratic, peaceful, and sustainable. Our intersecting programs and initiatives, led by a diverse group of expert staff and associate fellows, are helping to shape progressive movements toward this vision.

Latest Work

Rising Above the Daily Killings

With the assassination of right-wing Israeli Minister Rehavam Ze’evi, the cycle of violence between Israelis and Palestinians is once again on the front burner. In the coming days, neither side of this bitter conflict will be at a loss for rhetoric to exp

End of the Cease Fire

In response to the assassination of rightwing Israeli Minister Rehavam Ze’evi Israeli forces entered El Bireh, Jenin and Al-Azeria east of Jerusalem, taking control of the areas and declaring curfews and assassinated Fatah activist Atef Abayat.

Credit Where It’s Due

The Role of Export Credit Agencies in Supporting Sustainable Energy

Cozying up to Karimov?

For the U.S. to be visibly identified with the Karimov regime is a danger both to U.S. interests in the region and to the progressive evolution of society and politics in Uzbekistan.

Nukes Remain on Hair Trigger

But as we confront this new war on terrorism we must remember what did not change on September 11th: The greatest potential danger to the U.S. and world remains the threat posed by nuclear weapons.

Walk Softly and Look Ahead in Nuclear South Asia

The U.S. should stop bombing and strengthen humanitarian relief efforts in Afghanistan.

Open-Ended War

While most Americans will support a relatively short war to crush the Taliban and capture Bin Laden, there are signs that President Bush and associates favor a much longer and more elaborate conflict–one that shows every risk of turning into a Vietnam-li

Two Faces of the West: Can Western Muslims Advance a Balanced View of the West?

The West is essentially like a Centaur–half-human and half-beast.

Abkhazia Again: The UN Helicopter Shootdown

Trouble afoot in Abkhaz, UN plane shot down

Bombing Will Not Make U.S. More Secure

he use of military force for self-defense is legitimate under international law. Military force for retaliation is not.