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At IPS, our work is centered in our vision: we believe everyone has a right to thrive on a planet where all communities are equitable, democratic, peaceful, and sustainable. Our intersecting programs and initiatives, led by a diverse group of expert staff and associate fellows, are helping to shape progressive movements toward this vision.

Latest Work

The “Ugly American Problem” in Colombia

President Bush worries that the “United States might become militarily engaged” in Colombia. It’s a little late for that.

Iraq Bombings: Foreign Policy by Catharsis

Strong support for Friday’s bombing by leading congressional Democrats will no doubt embolden the Republican administration to engage in further military actions regardless of their dangerous legal, moral, or political implications.

Colombia: Rules of the Game

If the U.S. team played soccer the way we’re engaging Colombia, we’d score minus 50 goals, the team would be billions of dollars in the red, and 10 percent of the spectators would wind up dead.

Ethiopia-Eritrea Disengagement Proceeds Slowly, Civilians Watch & Wait

Peace efforts by the international community—particularly the U.S.—lost momentum after the signing of the Algiers accords.

Just What Is “GUUAM” Anyway?

If there are any real effects on energy transport from the activities of the GUUAM group, then these will come through practical measures implemented in specific sectors.

Mr. Bush Goes to Mexico: Recommendations for Immigration Discussion

With Vicente Fox nearly as popular in the United States as he his in Mexico, tomorrow’s meeting provides an opportunity to fulfill this promise. Hopefully, Bush and Fox will step up and seize this historic moment, rather than simply using their meeting as

Lockerbie Verdict Unlikely to Bring Change

Just as Qadaffi has gained political mileage through portraying himself as a victim of a vengeful and hypocritical United States, there are those in the U.S. who also benefit from maintaining a hostile relationship with this petty tyrant whom Americans lo

Sharon’s Israel Needs Tough Love

There will be no peace or security for Israel unless the United States applies some “tough love:” unconditional support for Israel’s right to live in peace and security coupled with a willingness to pressure Israel to accept the necessary compromises for

The Military Budget Under Bush: Early Warning Signs

Given the situation in Washington, how fast will the military budget continue to rise in the administration of George W. Bush?

The Gulf War: 8 Myths

Washington’s misguided policies toward Iraq but have warped the overall thrust of U.S. foreign and military policy for the past decade.