Leadership Programs

In order to sustain the movement, we need to continuing growing new generations of social justice leaders and infuse their ideas to ensure our work stays on the cutting edge. Our Next Leaders internship program and our various professional Fellowship programs help sharpen young voices and new ideas through training and mentoring, and provide emerging activist-scholars with an intellectual home.

Latest Work

New Mexico’s Case for Public Ownership of its Clean Energy Infrastructure

Any energy transition that doesn’t guarantee a pathway to public ownership perpetuates inequality and wealth extraction from New Mexicans .

Rain and Sunshine and Wind

How an Energy Transition Could Power Nebraska

Reimagining School Safety

A look at the dangers posed to students by law enforcement and how to invest in real school safety for our nation’s children.

Report: the Detention Drain


Sarah Gertler

Social Media Strategist and Graphic Designer

Newman Fellowship

Ennedith Lopez

2021-2022 New Mexico Fellow

New Mexico Fellowship