On Sunday night, the legendary TV talk host, Bill Moyers, focused on hope. His guests were three of the most dynamic young leaders in social movements today: George Goehl of National People’s Action, Sarita Gupta of Jobs with Justice, and Ai-jen Poo of the National Domestic Workers Alliance.

The three laid out the plans for the 99% Spring, which their groups and IPS are planning with over 40 other groups. This included hundreds of trainings coming up next week and the actions later this spring to take on corporations.

Sarita and Ai-jen also laid out the plans for the Caring Across Generations campaign (which IPS is also a part of). Caring Across Generations is uniting dozens of groups to transform care for elders and the lives of the 2 million women who provide the care. The three were so great that they inspired Moyers to add a “Take Action” section to his show’s website.

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