This Occupy Wall Street business is getting out of hand. You just know that’s what America’s deepest pockets must now be thinking. Indeed, the editor at a Web site where corporate lawyers hang out recently warned his fellow attorneys to ready their CEOs for confrontations that could pop up just about anywhere.

“Are you planning for protests at your annual meeting?” the stern warning asked. “Your CEO’s house? Your CEO’s golf game?”

Golf game? Yes, the warning went on to note, “Occupy Wall Street-type” protestors had disguised themselves as duffers and invaded a golf resort in California’s Newport Beach. Is nothing sacred anymore?

In our top 1 percent’s upper reaches, the mega rich are taking warnings like these to heart. Some bankers, news reports note, have even started “going to work in jeans” to make themselves unidentifiable. But the rich and their handlers are doing a good deal more than rethink security. They’re recalibrating their ideological defenses.

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