Carol Jean and Edward F. Newman Fellowship

The Carol Jean and Edward F. Newman Fellowship was created to provide young scholars and leaders an opportunity to delve more deeply into public scholarship and the progressive movement.  Thanks to the generosity of the original donors who endowed the program, the Newman Fellowship is a uniquely flexible program that allows IPS to define the area of public scholarship where new energy and enthusiasm is most needed within our programs each year. For the past three years, the Newman Fellows have been placed in the IPS communications team and have dramatically enhanced IPS presence in the digital age. Previous Newman Fellows have served as junior staff in several of our policy programs.

Latest Work

Rally for Gaza and Palestinians in Philadelphia

Don't Silence Palestinian Voices

The absence of Palestinians and their advocates from news coverage isn’t just unfair. As a Jewish American, I think it’s harmful.

Billionaires: A Visual Explainer

An illustrated look at a system allowing billionaire wealth to balloon, all at the expense of everything else we care about.

Trump’s Judaism Order Has Nothing to Do with Fighting Anti-Semitism

The man who called neo-Nazis “very fine people” has no business defining anti-Semitism for the rest of us.

Criticizing Israel Isn't Anti-Semitic. Here's What Is.

Pro-Israel politicians don't speak for young Jews like me. They shouldn't pretend to.

Students Get the Last Word on Commencement

If they don't want protests, universities need to give students more input on their commencement speakers.


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Sarah Gertler

Social Media Strategist and Graphic Designer

Newman Fellowship

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