From Ferguson to Baltimore, we’re seeing racial injustices reaching crisis level. Black people are struggling, and economic inequality is at the root of much of the discontent. Part of the solution to what’s ailing Black America today lies in Organizing. And black women have a key role to play.

And Still I Rise: Black Women Labor Leaders’ Voices, Power and Promise is a ground breaking, photojournalistic report on the status and contribution of black women in the labor movement. The report will be released by the Institute for Policy Studies Black Worker Initiative (IPS-BWI) at 10am est on Friday, May 1st, at Columbia University at the State of Black Workers in America conference.

Following the release, IPS-BWI will host a Twitter Town Hall at noon est on Friday, May 1. The chat will address why unions need black women and why Civil Rights movements must include black union workers as part of the solution.

We’ll also share research about:

  • the effectiveness of black women’s leadership in union organizing,
  • the organizing success of black women,
  • and how black women are at the nexus of the racial, economic and feminist movements.

You are invited to join us in person, and you can also join this important conversation online by following the hash tag #AndStillIRise and Twitter handle @And_Still_IRise

This video explains more about the report, and the #AndStillIRise website contains more information, as well as a link where you can download the report.

The Project Director and Author of the report are available for interview, as are some of the 27 courageous women profiled.

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