Israel’s Election and Netanyahu’s Future

Is this the end of Netanyahu’s political career? Next may be prison for corruption charges. Khury Petersen-Smith (@kpYES), the Michael Ratner Middle East Fellow at IPS, joins KPFA’s Up Front to discuss. He researches U.S. empire, borders, and migration at the...

Voters in Israel head to the polls in contentious run-off election

Khury Petersen-Smith, the Michael Ratner Middle East Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, joined KPFA to discuss Israel’s recent election. Topics included Benjamin Netanyahu’s time in office, Israeli politics being ushered to the right during his...

The KPFA Evening News

Netfa Freeman, analyst and events coordinator at the Institute for Policy Studies, joined KPFA’s evening news to discuss recent U.S. sanctions on Cuba. Listen to the interview at KPFA.

Gaza after the bombs

Phyllis Bennis joined UpFront to discuss the recent escalation in violence in Gaza between Israel and Gazan forces. Listen to the full interview at KPFA.

Is Being Poor a Crime?

A deep dive into how we have been changing our laws, our police, and our courts, to treat poverty like a crime: the return of debtors’ prisons, the privatization of probation, and the reason why four million Californians have their drivers’ licenses suspended right...