This week, Sam Pizzigati’s latest OtherWords column sums up the findings of a new Inequality Report Card that “grades” lawmakers. He’s part of an Institute for Policy Studies team that assessed the performance of Congress on this important issue. Check it out to see how your lawmakers stack up.

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  1. The Roots of Voter Suppression / Ron Carver
    Opponents of black voter registration have always claimed they were protecting democracy.
  2. A New American Dream / James Gustave Speth
    America is often No. 1 in ways we can’t celebrate — but the fight for real democracy, human solidarity, and devotion to the public good can change that.
  3. America’s Rocky Road Away from Homophobia / Hillary Gibson
    The DADT repeal marked a significant step toward equal rights for the LGBT community, but the problems don’t stop — or start — there.
  4. Promoting Unemployment / Mitchell Zimmerman
    The Republican obstruction of job-boosting policies helps the GOP run against a bad economy.
  5. A Congressional Report Card for the 99 Percent / Sam Pizzigati
    The grades are in, and you can see how lawmakers fare on the most important issue of our time: the grand divide between America’s rich and everybody else.
  6. Romney Passes the Torch to Taxpayers / Jim Hightower
    Mitt won $1.5 billion of taxpayer gold for the Salt Lake City Olympics.
  7. Why John Roberts Upheld the Affordable Care Act / William A. Collins
    While John Roberts may be a remarkably malevolent force in American jurisprudence, he’s no dope.
  8. The Politics of Inequality / Khalil Bendib (Cartoon)

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