Economic Justice

Combating inequality means both lifting up and building power at the bottom, and breaking up concentration of wealth and power at the top. That’s why we work at the intersection of economic and racial justice through projects designed to build leadership and self-empowerment of black workers, immigrant workers, and low-wage workers, youth and families affected by incarceration, along with projects aiming to reverse the rules that criminalize poor people of color, and projects fighting to ensure that the wealthy and Wall Street corporations pay their fair share of taxes.

Latest Work

Luck Matters

An equitable tax system — paying for public services we all use, as well as offering support and a hand-up to those who’ve lost out in life’s lottery — should demand more of us.

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The OMG Congress

With unemployment topping 9 percent, the European economy sliding toward an abyss, and Lindsey Lohan posing nude for Playboy, Congress took time out to “reaffirm” In God We Trust as our official national motto.

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