“An attack on Iran could take place within a matter of months, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a series of television interviews on Thursday,” reported Haaretz on Friday (March 9).

“We’re not standing with a stopwatch in hand,” he said. “It’s not a matter of days or weeks, but also not of years. The result must be removal of the threat of nuclear weapons in Iran’s hands.”

It’s not unlike the famous Doomsday Clock, which the publication Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists maintains — now at five minutes to midnight. For its part, Iran can be forgiven if the difference between an ultimatum and a dire threat is lost on it.

Speaking of speaking frankly, no one is doing a better job of it better than T.J. Hammes of the National Defense University, who recently wrote (emphasis added):

The current debate on whether or not to bomb Iran is being framed as a false choice. Proponents state we must bomb Iran to keep it from developing a nuclear weapon. Yet in the same statement they often admit that even an effective bombing campaign will delay the program only a few years. Thus, the real choice being offered is not to bomb Iran or face an Iran with nuclear weapons. The real choice is facing an Iran with nuclear weapons or facing an Iran with nuclear weapons after you have bombed it.

Futility — thy name is bombing Iran.

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