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Through OtherWords, we’re able to provide millions of readers in America’s heartland with intelligent commentary on a range of progressive causes — on climate, inequality, war and peace, the movements for race and gender justice, and beyond. Through the trusted local papers that use our service, we reach readers in red, blue, and purple states alike with well-written, timely commentaries on the national issues that affect their lives. To read our work or get information about publishing it in your community, check out OtherWords.org.

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Latest Work

The Roots of Voter Suppression

Opponents of black voter registration have always claimed they were protecting democracy.

A New American Dream

America is often No. 1 in ways we can’t celebrate — but the fight for real democracy, human solidarity, and devotion to the public good can change that.

America’s Rocky Road Away from Homophobia

The DADT repeal marked a significant step toward equal rights for the LGBT community, but the problems don’t stop — or start — there.

Promoting Unemployment

The Republican obstruction of job-boosting policies helps the GOP run against a bad economy.

A Congressional Report Card for the 99 Percent

The grades are in, and you can see how lawmakers fare on the most important issue of our time: the grand divide between America’s rich and everybody else.

Romney Passes the Torch to Taxpayers

Mitt won $1.5 billion of taxpayer gold for the Salt Lake City Olympics.

The Politics of Inequality

Sorry, folks, but the ladder is temporarily out of order.

Why John Roberts Upheld the Affordable Care Act

While John Roberts may be a remarkably malevolent force in American jurisprudence, he’s no dope.

This Week in OtherWords: September 24-Oct. 2, 2012

Next week, we’ll start distributing our commentaries and cartoons on Wednesdays.

The Islamophobe Fringe

The deeper reason for the heated response from the Muslim world is not so much Western rhetoric but Western policy.

Romney’s Losing Bid to Win the Latino Vote

Romney needs to up his game — pronto.

Armed with Irony

If lawmakers really want to stop blank checks for spending binges, they should start with the Pentagon.

A Vanishing Act for Good Jobs

For those on the economic ladder’s lowest rungs, the middle rungs have almost completely disappeared.

The ‘Self-Made’ Hallucination of America’s Rich

Like Mitt Romney, most Americans who amass grand fortunes have a substantial head start.

A Memo to Mitt and Ann

Pretend that you like people.

The Price of Admission

Across our country, women are walking away from Regal Cinema’s pretentious abrogation of our Fourth Amendment rights.

Just Don’t Say Climate Change

Global warming can’t be legislated away.

Vote for This Clown

Romney 2012: Serious Business Leadership.

The One Percent Supreme Court: A Conversation with the Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel

Martha Burk interviews Katrina vanden Heuvel about the poisoning of politics by the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, and what can be done about it.

This Week in OtherWords: September 17-23, 2012

Katie Halper’s second guest column unpacks Rep. Joe Walsh’s “greatest hits.”