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Through OtherWords, we’re able to provide millions of readers in America’s heartland with intelligent commentary on a range of progressive causes — on climate, inequality, war and peace, the movements for race and gender justice, and beyond. Through the trusted local papers that use our service, we reach readers in red, blue, and purple states alike with well-written, timely commentaries on the national issues that affect their lives. To read our work or get information about publishing it in your community, check out OtherWords.org.

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Latest Work

More Lucky than Brilliant

Moscow and Washington almost blew up the world during the Cuban Missile Crisis over a misunderstanding.

Empty Anti-Wall Street Rhetoric

Lots of office-seekers this fall are campaigning against the 1 percent, but will they govern that way?

The Risky Business of Eating in America

How can eating too much rice can give you cancer?

Fracking Liars

Supporters and leaders of the hydraulic fracturing industry aren’t being honest about government support for this new natural gas boom.

One Nation, Under Surveillance

The cell phone has become the instrument of choice for tracking your every move.

Anti-Proliferation Brigade

Can’t you see we’re busy?

Rope-A-Dope Revives the Hope

Mitt was no wimp, and Obama was no progressive, but Obama had the better plans, the better attacks, and the better handle on the truth.

European Victory on Taxing Speculation

The goofy stunts weren’t the only game-changers.

This Week in OtherWords: A Genetically Engineered Food Special Edition

In her debut guest column, Jill Richardson challenges big food companies to boast about their penchant for these modified crops if they’re so wonderful.

Consumer Choice: As American as Apple Pie

The creation of a new genetically modified apple highlights once again the need for clear labeling of this kind of food.

Iran in the Campaign’s Crosshairs

Mitt Romney is playing the same cynical game as Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Problem with Craig Romney and his Padre

Mitt’s Latino “ambassador” may speak Spanish, but he can’t talk about real policies.

The Corporate Court’s War on Women

So far, not so good.

Apparently, Suite Crime Does Pay

The executives responsible for the financial industry’s pervasive fraud are paying no personal price.

Big Food Fight

If the products they sell us are as great as they say, what are General Mills, Kraft, and other processed food giants hiding?

Big Food Behemoths Embarrass their Organic Offshoots

Big Food’s mobilization against California’s right-to-know law is making more green-minded consumers aware of the companies that own their favorite brands.

Just Don’t Let the Other Side Vote

Texas won’t accept your student ID for voting, but your gun permit will do just fine.

Poisoned Apple, 2012

Don’t fret about the genetic engineering.

What Not to Do on Camera

Romney’s words may have left us with the impression of a debate win, but he failed to restrain his signature off-putting smirks.

The Biggest Losers: Big Bird and the American People

The first presidential debate of 2012 was an exercise in ridiculousness that produced no insight, no plan, no inspiration, no leadership, and no truth.