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Through OtherWords, we’re able to provide millions of readers in America’s heartland with intelligent commentary on a range of progressive causes — on climate, inequality, war and peace, the movements for race and gender justice, and beyond. Through the trusted local papers that use our service, we reach readers in red, blue, and purple states alike with well-written, timely commentaries on the national issues that affect their lives. To read our work or get information about publishing it in your community, check out OtherWords.org.

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Latest Work

Unfit to Print

Suddenly, all self-respecting billionaires need to own at least one newspaper.

Blowing the Whistle on Philanthropy

A scion of one of America’s top fortunes has just exposed our “charitable-industrial complex.”

This Week in OtherWords: August 7, 2013

Sanjay Jolly describes the promising opportunities that a new wave of low-power FM stations will soon create.

Waiting for Wendy’s

Wendy’s should join its competitors and participate in the Fair Food Program.

Just Follow the Oil

Washington’s fuss over Iran has more to do with its natural gas and oil reserves than anything else.

This Week in OtherWords: July 31, 2013

Bob Lord explains why cutting IRS spending is counter-productive.

Reproductive Rights Get Gutted Again

Conservative Texas lawmakers aren’t satisfied with the damage they’ve already done.

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation

We’re the most educated young adults in American history, yet many of us can’t find work.

Muslims Aren’t Cornering the Terrorism Market

What do you call the people responsible for the disasters in Texas and Bangladesh?

This Week in OtherWords: July 24, 2013

Donald Kaul weighs in on Detroit’s bankruptcy.

This Week in OtherWords: July 17, 2013

Marc Morial, Donald Kaul, and Terrance Heath weigh in on the acquittal of George Zimmerman — the man who killed Trayvon Martin.

What’s Driving America’s Flagging Vital Signs?

Inequality is behind the nation’s dismal life expectancy rates.

Anti-American Budget Cuts

You know things are bad when the Summer White House can’t afford to stay open on the Fourth of July.

This Week in OtherWords: July 10, 2013

We’re highlighting the debate over the Obama administration’s nuclear weapons policy.

Predistribute the Wealth

The market has stopped working for working people.

Syrian Dead End

How can the United States afford to keep proving that it’s bad at bringing peace to conflict-ridden Middle Eastern countries?

It Can’t Happen Here

Au pairs may get an experience they didn’t bargain for when they head for a stint in the United States.

The Tradeoff Between Apple and Apples

There would be no need for our elected leaders to trim our safety net if our richest corporations didn’t turn avoiding their fair share of taxes into an art form.

This Week in OtherWords: July 3, 2013

Sam Pizzigati celebrates Independence Day by explaining how reducing economic inequality in America would honor the Founders’ legacy.

A More Perfect Union

Our elites have lost that selfless spirit.