OtherWords is a free, non-profit editorial service published by the Institute for Policy Studies. Each week, OtherWords distributes a batch of publication-ready op-eds, along with a cartoon, to thousands of readers — including hundreds of editors of small and medium-sized newspapers. Each year, these op-eds appear thousands of times in local newspapers throughout the country, as well as in a growing number of online outlets. We believe that strong social movements need informed citizens, and that people learn best from conversations in their own communities — neighbor-to-neighbor. But between a consolidated, corporate-controlled mass media and a deafening social media echo chamber, it’s gotten harder than ever to have these conversations, especially in smaller communities with few local media options.

Through OtherWords, we’re able to provide millions of readers in America’s heartland with intelligent commentary on a range of progressive causes — on climate, inequality, war and peace, the movements for race and gender justice, and beyond. Through the trusted local papers that use our service, we reach readers in red, blue, and purple states alike with well-written, timely commentaries on the national issues that affect their lives. To read our work or get information about publishing it in your community, check out OtherWords.org.

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Latest Work

Remembering Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn revolutionized the way millions of Americans understand our shared history.

Lady Liberty

The canary in the mineshaft of American democracy.

Palin’s Tea Party

At first glance it’s easy to dismiss the Tea Partiers as bumpkins with the political acuity of a box of rocks.

A GOP Leader’s Economic Plan

He would literally take the food out of the mouths of people in real need.

Spying on our Own Folks

You never know what kind of list you might have been put on.

Is Our Democracy Becoming a Joke?

The fate of our planet is no laughing matter.

Bitter Chocolate

Let’s sweeten it for everyone by helping stamp out child slavery and other abusive labor conditions.

A Worthy Goal: Feeding all our Children

The Obama administration has pledged to end child hunger in America by 2015.

Save Winter: Stop Tar Sands

Oil sands are now Canada’s fastest-growing source of global warming pollution.

U.S. Glass

American pride! (Made in China).

As Death Nears, Be Prepared to Suffer

For those whose life has simply grown unlivable, help is in order.

Seeing China from the New World Trade Center

There should be a stiff tariff on all subsidized glass coming from China.

Wall Street Gets It

They’d keep laughing all the way to the bank, except they are the bank.

The Kids are All Right

Millennials aren’t taking to the streets as often as their predecessors, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t paying attention.

Record Bank Profits and the American Dream Foreclosed

Washington is refusing to make the banks eat the debt bubble they created.

New American Crisis

This could mark the end of the American experiment in self-government.

Boondoggle Sidetracks Crops for Renewable Energy

The government should be strategic with biomass crops instead of just throwing money at the problem.

Let’s Pretend to Do Something about Climate Change

What we need now is a serious incentive to pollute less.

Selling a City’s Soul, for Chicken Feed

The company’s graffiti is an act of crass commercialism.

Next, We’ll Sell Senate Seats to Exxon Mobil and AT&T

Our democracy has been in decline for some time but this decision closes the books on it.