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Latest Work

The Global Significance of the UAW’s Win

The watershed agreements America’s auto workers won could inspire working people here and abroad. And that’s by design.

Let’s Trash Junk Fees

President Biden is cracking down on deceptive fees that cost American consumers tens of billions of dollars a year.

We Need an Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

Millions of innocent Gazans are in danger. Half are children who’ve lived through five wars already.

We Still Have a Dream

Sixty years after Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, our racial economic divide is vast as ever. But it can still be closed — and quickly.

A Crossroads for Workers with Disabilities

Pandemic-era gains have transformed the job market for disabled workers — and everyone else. Let’s protect that progress.

Democracy Needs Healthy Debates About War and Peace

Congress spent the last “military spending” debate rehashing the culture wars — not the nearly $1 trillion Pentagon budget itself.

Cultivating the Next Crop of America’s Farmers

America’s farmers are aging. To avoid a crisis, we need to lower the economic barriers of entry for young farmers.

To Clear the Air, Cut Military Spending

Most of us understand the need to cut carbon emissions. But a huge share of our tax dollars are funding the most carbon-intensive institution on the planet.

The Boldest Step to Close the Racial Wealth Divide in Generations

One state’s “Baby Bonds” program should be a model for the whole country.

There’s No Debate Over Debt—Only About Priorities

If the GOP cared about debt, they’d stop cutting rich people’s taxes and give the Pentagon a haircut. So what’s this really about?

A Parents Bill of Rights for the Rest of Us

The book bans, censorship, and attacks on LGBTQ kids that the GOP calls “parents rights” are way out of step with American families.

The War on Woke Is a Scam on Middle America

The MAGA bargain goes something like this: If we hurt other people worse, is it ok if we hurt you, too?

We Need to Broaden Our Conversation About Guns

Looking at gun manufacturing rather than just gun ownership can help break down our status quo red-blue divide.

20 Years On, What Did the Iraq War Truly Cost?

The war claimed more than lives and treasure — it claimed a future’s worth of lost opportunities. Now, younger generations are demanding them back.

Immigration Policy Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

For 20 years, the Department of Homeland Security has made life a nightmare for millions — but Dreamers like me have seen that there’s another way.

Biden’s Budget Would Level the Playing Field and Reduce the Deficit

The president’s plan for jobs, families, and health reflects the things most of us value. But it should spend more on those and less on the Pentagon.

Rail Workers Warned Us: Greed Is Dangerous

Following derailments across the country, rail workers have a solution to the nation’s rail crisis: public ownership.

Biden Is Right: You Shouldn’t Pay a Higher Tax Rate Than Billionaires

The president has renewed his call for a “billionaire minimum tax.” If Congress won’t listen, states should.

Biden Presented a Bold Agenda. Can He Back It Up?

The president had much to celebrate in his State of the Union address. But to finish the job, he needs to take executive action.

Helping Students Sort Fact from Fiction

More schools need to teach kids how to recognize BS when they see it.