New Internationalism

The New Internationalism project focuses on Middle East and United Nations issues.”New internationalism” refers to the combination of foreign policies based on international law, human rights and equality for all, linked with the power of global social movements​ and [sometimes] progressive governments and the UN, in fighting against wars, occupations and empire. In the Middle East, the project is working to end U.S. wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and beyond, and ending U.S. support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The project focuses on education, activism and advocacy to change U.S. policies away from militarism and towards the goals of human rights, equality for all, and peace with justice – a policy that chooses diplomacy over war. The project also works to challenge U.S. domination of the United Nations, and to help democratize and empower the global organization in its fight for peace and human rights. In all these arenas, the the projects works with partner organizations who are organizing, mobilizing and building movements in the U.S. and globally, to challenge U.S. power and to support those fighting for justice in the Middle East.

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Latest Work

Before Orlando, Omar Mateen Worked for Human Rights Abusers

G4S, where Omar Mateen worked as a security guard, profits from both U.S. border militarization and the Israeli occupation.

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Major Foreign Policy Address’ Was Anything But

Clinton is right: Trump would be a disaster on foreign policy. But her refusal to engage with the alternative offered by Sanders says more about her own war-driven approach than anything else.

Clinton Positions Herself to the Right of Trump in Major National Security Speech

IPS’s Phyllis Bennis tells the Real News Network that although Clinton rightfully used her national security speech to condemn the bigotry and danger of Trump’s positions, she didn’t lay out a much better alternative.

Remembering Michael Ratner: Radical Lawyer, Global Activist, Loyal Friend

Today we mourn. Tomorrow we continue his work.

Case Against Obama Administration for War on ISIS Raises More Political Questions than Legal Ones

Captain Smith is using the question of lack of authorization as the basis for his challenge, but there is a chance that he could also raise issues of illegality in how the war is being carried out, Bennis told RT America.

The Pentagon Shouldn’t Get to Absolve Itself for Bombing a Hospital

We need an independent investigation of the brutal U.S. attack on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan, which killed 42 people.

Lacking a Real Foreign Policy Strategy, Trump Would Turn to War

Phyllis Bennis on the Real News Network: “When the first crisis breaks, I’m afraid that a President Trump would immediately turn to the military.”

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy is to Promote Western Civilization, But He Won’t Tell You How

In an interview with MSNBC, Phyllis Bennis says Trump’s speech was reminiscent of Nixon’s call when he was running for president and said, ‘I have a secret plan to end the war.’

No Opposition on Vote to Blacklist Corporations in Occupied Palestine Shows Shifting Global Opinion

Phyllis Bennis says this symbolic vote demonstrates the power the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement has to impact government choices.

Sanders Vs. Clinton on Palestine-Israel: A Primer with Phyllis Bennis

An assessment of Clinton’s AIPAC speech and Sanders’s Middle East speech reveals their divergent approaches to the US’s closest ally, Israel

Russia is Withdrawing from Syria — and the U.S. Should Follow Suit

For too long Moscow and Washington have tried to out-muscle each other by escalating the Syrian war. Now, for once, they’ve got a chance to escalate their efforts to end it.

Understanding the Current Palestinian Revolt: Its Context and Consequences for Palestinian Society

It should come as no surprise that Israel’s permanent military occupation has caused Palestinians to respond with individual acts of desperation.

Rethinking U.S. Foreign Policy on Oil and the Middle East Wars

How will low oil prices and the inexorable shift to clean energy affect the Middle East, and how should America’s relationship with the region change in response?

What a Sanders Foreign Policy Doctrine Could Look Like

A foreign policy framework based on ‘No wars for the billionaire class’

Democratic Debate: Sanders Attacks Clinton/Kissinger Vision for Perpetual War

Clinton favors war and regime change over negotiations and diplomacy, says Phyllis Bennis.

Latest Agreement in Syria Could Lead to Further Escalation

Phyllis Bennis says the war in Syria is being fought by outside powers to the last Syrian

‘No Wars for the Billionaire Class’: A look at a possible Sanders foreign policy

Sanders’ theme of addressing economic inequality could carry into his foreign policy

The US-Iran Prisoner Swap Proves Diplomacy Works

But we must not take the survival of the nuclear deal for granted, because it still has many powerful opponents.

Who is responsible for the crisis in Syria and Iraq?

Americans must take responsibility for the havoc their government is perpetuating in the Middle East.

Is It Time for the US to Pull Out of Iraq and Syria?

 Five years after the Arab Spring began, four experts debate a pressing question that remains unsettled on the left.