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Latest Work

Where are the Women CEOs? Should We Care?

Women CEOs are becoming slightly less rare at large corporations. But simply replacing men with women at the top of the income scale won’t lead to greater equity.

How Investors Accelerate the Affordable Housing Crisis

Investor purchases accounted for 24 percent of all residential real estate sales in Boston in the fourth quarter of 2022. A 10 percent tax on those sales could yield $82 million in revenue.

How to Persuade a Billionaire

The newly formed Excessive Wealth Disorder Institute envisions a world of shared prosperity, where ultra-high net worth individuals join in the struggle for economic justice.

Workers, Machines, and ‘Bonus Depreciation’

Should our tax system be discouraging automation or leveling the tax playing field between workers and machines?

The Rail Unions Warned Us. Greed is Dangerous.

Following multiple, dangerous derailments across the country, those working the railroad have a solution to the nation’s rail crisis: public ownership.

The Lesson We Need to Teach Our Nation’s Rich

We will not let your wealth come at the expense of our children’s future.

New Yorkers Care About Care. The State Budget Should, Too.

Workers, clients, and advocates rallied in Albany to secure living wages for their state’s hardworking and underpaid home care workers. Will the governor listen?

Can Our ‘Labs of Democracy’ Once Again Deliver?

In the near future, our states will have to determine whether we truly tax the rich.

Defend the Postal Service, Defend Good Jobs for Black Workers

The U.S. Postal Service is a vital source of decent jobs for Black workers. Instead of cutting or privatizing services, this public agency should expand to meet 21st century needs.

Must Larceny Always Overpower Honesty?

In deeply unequal societies, the thieving always thrive.

Is Mining Money Behind the Arrest of Salvadoran Water Defenders?

The five detainees include leaders of the campaign that won the world’s first metals mining ban in 2017 — a ban the cash-strapped government may be moving to overturn.

Oxfam Wants To More than Double the Tax Rate on Our Richest

That bold a hike, our U.S. history suggests, can actually happen.

Dynasty-Building Trusts: How the Getty and Walton Families Use Trusts To Dodge Taxes

The more we learn from courageous whistleblowers like Marlena Sonn, the more outrage and pressure will build to reform trust law and eliminate the games that the Waltons and the Gettys are playing.

Lawmakers, Fix Trust Law and Close Down the Billionaire Enabler States.

The world’s wealthy already operate by a different set of rules and laws. But allowing the full scale carveout and manipulation of U.S. state trust law to serve their interests should not be one of them.

Donor-Advised Fund Numbers Still Obscure Who’s Giving and How Much

Publishers of donor-advised fund data are including hundreds of thousands of workplace giving accounts in their averages. That skews the picture.

For Lula, Fighting Against Fascism and For Economic Justice is Nothing New

Having fought for labor rights under a dictatorship, the Brazilian president once again faces a violent far-right movement bent on blocking his pro-worker, pro-democracy agenda.

Inside Southwest’s Horrific Holidays

Blame the wealthy, not the weather.

Before COB on the First Workday of 2023, CEOs Will Make More Than the Average Annual Pay for All US Workers

Before happy hour, the typical CEO will have pocketed more than home health aides, firefighters, pre-K teachers, and other workers will make the whole year.

A Big Year for the Charity Reform Movement

Our 2022 findings, publications, conversations, and political prospects made it clearer than ever that we need meaningful charity reform – and that a strong majority agrees.

The Top 10 Inequality Victories of 2022

Champions of a more egalitarian society made important strides, building the power of workers while reducing the power of wealthy tax dodgers and greedy pharma execs.