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Latest Work

Five Simple Ways We Can Fix Our Broken Economy

New book, Five Easy Theses, offers straightforward solutions to the nation’s most vexing problems.

Don’t Spend Your Money on Already Rich Schools

A wildly popular new podcast challenges firmly held beliefs around social mobility and our education system.

This Tax Law Professor is Taking on the Super Rich

A new hire on Capitol Hill might be what we need to build a finance force that will close tax loopholes for the wealthy.

Poorer Than Their Parents

Young people are set to inherit the unequal economic heritage of their parents.

Brazil’s Biggest Folly isn’t Hosting the Olympics

The two top leaders of the Workers’ Party tried to find harmony with elites, but left the rest of the country behind in the process.

We Should Take a Lesson from the Nordic Countries on Inequality

George Lakey’s new book, Viking Economics explains how the Nordic countries achieved their egalitarian society and high standard of living by addressing inequality.

Who’s Profiting From America’s Private Juvenile Prisons?

One mother’s fight to shut down a private juvenile corrections facility in Louisiana known for its brutality and big profits.

America’s Huge Racial Wealth Gap Is No Accident

For the first time, Democrats are acknowledging America’s deep racial wealth gap — Here’s how we can start to close it.

Maine People’s Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage, Fund Education, and Provide Universal Family Healthcare

An interview with rising progressive star, Ben Chin, Political Director of Maine People’s Alliance.

The Democratic Platform Goes After Wall Street

The platform draft shows Democrats are willing to bite the hand that feeds them – but will they follow through?

In Stark Contrast to the Past, the Democratic Platform Addresses Issues of Structural Inequality

Tax reform, Wall Street accountability, and the racial wealth divide are all acknowledged in this year’s agenda.

Banks Make Millions Playing Games with Your Accounts

As Americans are desperately trying to juggle their finances, bank CEOs are maximizing their profits through overdraft fees.

Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way” Proposal is Anything But

Predictable as ever, the House Speaker’s plan would give an average annual tax break of nearly $800,000 to the top 0.1 percent.

The Leaders of 1776 Philadelphia Would Be Appalled at Today’s Staggering Inequality

This Fourth of July, we should remember what the founders knew: wealth concentration is a threat to the success of the nation.

The DNC’s Draft Policy Agenda Shows a Major Shift in the Financial Transactions Tax Debate

Advocates will continue to push for the tax on Wall Street that could raise billions in revenue over 10 years.

The Spanish Left’s Proposal to Combat Inequality

Despite disappointing election results, the Podemos Party’s commitment on inequality has already reshaped the Spanish political landscape.

Who and Where are America’s Working Poor?

Almost half of U.S. workers earn less than $15 an hour. This new report details their struggles.

Rising Inequality Hit us Twice: Once During Recession and Again in Recovery

New research shows that the same inequality that gets us into economic messes, significantly slows the clean-up.

These States are Taking Tax Reform into Their Own Hands

Massachusetts, California, and Oregon are all launching campaigns to combat rising inequality. Other states should take note.

How Unequal is Your City?

A new report let’s you know how much of your community’s income growth is flowing to the one percent – down to state, city, and county.