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Latest Work

55 Years After the Launch of the Poor People’s Campaign, Taking Stock of Interlocking Injustices

New fact sheets by the Poor People’s Campaign and the Institute for Policy Studies reveal disturbing data on systemic racism, poverty and inequality, ecological devastation, and militarism in every U.S. state.

The Modern Form of Colonialism: Climate Change

We praise charity efforts to combat climate change in countries like Bangladesh as generous, without critiquing why they are made necessary in the first place.

In This Washington, the Fantastically Rich Are Finally Frowning

A new state tax on the wheeling and dealing of the wealthy is reaping far more revenue than expected

Create a Congressional Climate Tribunal to Investigate Corporate Deniers

We have the right to know what Exxon officials knew—and when they knew it.

Until the River Runs Dry

Every year, wealthy donors divert more money into intermediaries, drying up the river of donations meant for working charities. We can change that.

Could We Actually End the CEO Defense Contractor Gravy Train?

FDR put the kibosh on military contractor windfalls during World War II. We could do the same.

The First Trillionaire: No Cause for Celebration

We’ll never, as a nation, take on the ultra-rich if millions of Americans identify with them.

Garbage In, Garbage CEO Windfalls Out

‘Waste management’ won’t help us confront climate change so long as corporate self-interest rules

The Two Decades That Created Our World’s First Mass Middle Class

If we take on our rich, we can recreate that success.

Report Reveals Top CEOs Dodge Taxes on Nearly $9 Billion in Retirement Funds

Some executives can expect to receive monthly retirement checks larger than their workers’ median annual pay.

REPORT: A Tale of Two Retirements 2023

Our tax code helps CEOs retire in luxury while ordinary workers struggle. Here’s how to fix it.

In DeSantis’ ‘Free’ State of Florida, Union Freedom Is Under Attack

A slate of new bills signed by Florida’s billionaire-friendly governor will make it harder for public sector unions to collect dues, worsening the state’s teacher shortage and public school funding.

To Protect Our Children, Let’s Tax Our Rich

A century-old political lesson from the first grand champion of America’s kids.

The Trouble With Taiwan

Wherever one stands on the independence vs. accommodation spectrum in Taiwan, everyone should agree that a U.S.-China war is in nobody’s interest.

The Ultra-Wealthy Have a Private Jet Problem

This expensive, carbon-intensive form of travel is bad for both the earth and the taxpayers who subsidize it for the ultra-rich.

Right-Wing Judicial Activist Using Schwab Charity DAF to Move Funds

Secretive funding from ultra-wealthy donors has shaped the courts and public policy. Here’s how one donor-advised fund has facilitated that.

Can Auto Industry Execs Give Us a Climate-Safe Planet?

Not if they keep chasing after jaw-dropping personal fortunes.

We Must Not Dance, Harry Belafonte Understood, to a Billionaire Beat

This epochal artist helped us see that justice for all requires a just distribution of wealth.

Seriously Auditing the Rich Makes Sense. Seriously Taxing the Rich Can Save Us.

Our tax code ought to give every American a full “cost of living” exemption from high tax and impose higher marginal tax rates on income above that cost-of-living benchmark.