Program on Inequality and the Common Good

Extreme inequalities of income, wealth and opportunity undercut democracy, social solidarity and mobility, economic stability, and many other aspects of our personal and public lives.  The Program on Inequality and the Common Good focuses on these and other dangers that income disparities pose for the U.S.

Through research and reporting, this program encourages policy interventions that can reduce extreme wealth inequality, and close the growing gap between the rich and poor. Recent reports have examined the estate tax, the racial wealth gap, inequality in philanthropy, and other topics related to extreme wealth concentration. The central theme of the program is that without significant reform and a systemic view of inequality on both a national and global level, the overall wealth divide will continue to grow exponentially.

Latest Work

Neighbors for a New Economy

Building a new economy is tough. One group of neighbors decided to do it together.

Water Awareness: 2 Million Bostonians Discover Our Water Commons

The water emergency was a curious gift in water mindfulness for an entire metropolitan area.

How to Talk to a Tea Party Activist

Progressives and tea party activists: Where we agree, disagree, and how we can find common good.

The Parable of the Taxpayer

A parable to remind of us all the things we take for granted while we’re griping about Tax Day.

Tax Day Talking Points

There are two tax systems in America today: one for the privileged and one for everyone else.

Shifting Responsibility

IPS scholars track how 50 years of tax breaks benefited the wealthiest Americans.

Reverse the Tax Shift

When rich individuals and corporations don’t pay their fair share, the bills get passed to the middle class.

Did America’s Founders Want Government Small?

They wanted to limit what today’s conservatives celebrate–the concentration of wealth.

Church in Our Times: Spirit and Security in the Face of Reality

People are forming groups where they can face the reality that we are not going back to a growth economy, that our earth is truly imperiled, and that we must create the new world now.

Wall St. Bonuses Come at a Bad Time

Why has the financial industry recovered so quickly, when the rest of America is still hurting?

Supremely Wrong: The Court Promotes Corporate Rule Over Healthy Democracy

The Supreme Court’s ruling to permit unlimited corporate financing in elections will open the floodgates of increased corporate influence over our democratic electoral process.

Break up with Your Wall Street Credit Card

Do you feel a warm fuzzy attachment to your credit card? No? You feel abused? So why do you keep going back?

Dream Fulfilled? King, the Civil Rights Movement and Obama’s America

Dedrick Muhammad gives a presentation on Black History Month.

The State of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream in 2010

Racial inequality is a reality we still need to address four decades after MLK’s assassination.

2010: Lets Get America Working Again

This year, we need to recognize that the government, not the private sector, is the best tool for job creation.

Stephen King Meets the Estate Tax

What horrors will befall our nation’s wealthy when one of the most bizarre twists in tax legislation in history comes to pass?

What Obama is Getting Wrong About Economic Recovery

Obama needs new, bold ideas to get Americans back on their feet and out of recession.

Job Creation: Change Obama Needs to Believe In

With the unemployment rate still in double digits, the Obama administration must step up to the plate and strengthen the job market.

Estate Tax Breathes Life into Economy

Congress had to act swiftly to preserve the substance and the meaning of the estate tax.

Thanksgiving: Time to Consider Native Americans’ Plight

The nation needs to commit itself to lasting Native American advancement.