Genuine Progress

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Reflecting on Dr. King’s Legacy

How Dr. King would view this day and the need to move beyond GDP.

Why Would James Woolsey Back Solar Energy?

National security and sustainability certainly make for an unlikely overlap of interests.

Climate Milestones in President Obama’s Speech

Obama is finally showing us he is willing to fight – on coal, on tar sands, and on climate. His apparent willingness to challenge the climate impacts of coal and tar sands – after years of silence on both topics – is cause for some celebration.

Advancing Genuine Progress

Standard economic growth indicators aren’t yielding enough information, especially when it comes to inequality.

Addressing Inequality in Maryland

When assessing policies affecting our state and the well-being of all our citizens, we should be using a lens such as the Genuine Progress Indicator.

Report: Closing the Inequality Divide

A new IPS report lays out a strategy for fostering Genuine Progress in Maryland.

Inequality Is Hurting Us All

If the levels of greater income equality of 1968 still prevailed today, the poorest fifth of Marylanders would be earning twice what they take home now.

Shell-shocked Again, this Time because of Aurora

For the victims of Colorado’s recent tragedy, it’s time we get our values straight and face the true costs of our trigger-happy culture.

A Better Way of Measuring Progress in Maryland

GDP doesn’t measure most of what’s necessary for a good life.