Foreign Policy in Focus

Foreign Policy in Focus (FPIF) is a “think tank without walls” connecting the research and action of more than 600 scholars, advocates, and activists seeking to make the United States a more responsible global partner.

FPIF provides timely analysis of U.S. foreign policy and international affairs and recommends policy alternatives. We believe U.S. security and world stability are best advanced through a commitment to peace, justice, and environmental protection, as well as economic, political, and social rights. We advocate that diplomatic solutions, global cooperation, and grassroots participation guide foreign policy.

FPIF aims to amplify the voice of progressives and to build links with social movements in the U.S. and around the world. Through these connections, we advance and influence debate and discussion among academics, activists, policy-makers, and the general public.

Latest Work

Harirism Exposed

Lebanon’s billionaire former prime minister is making hay about Hezbollah, but Saad Hariri is doing his own share of sectarian agitation.

Drones Obliterate Shades of Gray Between Militants and Civilians

Killing someone because they look like they’re “up to no good” doesn’t really pass legal muster.

Obama Must Rewrite His Foreign Policy Legacy

Obama will need to recast a foreign policy that has been weak or downright contradictory in standing up for the principles he himself has espoused

A New Middle East Agenda for Obama

Obama can stem the decline of U.S. influence in the Middle East, but only if he gives the people of the region a reason to want it.

Benghazi: Conservative Concerns May Be Reality Based for Once

U.S. foreign policy and a weakened CIA may have sown the seeds for disaster.

Once More Into the Breach for the “Savior of Pakistan”

Oblivious to his status as the greatest nuclear thief in history, A.Q. Khan has started his own political party in Pakistan.

Pakistan: The Real Swing State

Nearly half of Pakistanis believe they should have the right to vote in U.S. elections.

The Dogs of War Are Barking

Between Romney and Obama, there’s one issue that really matters: Iran.

The Surrealism of the Everyday in Serbia

The author interviews Aleksandar Zograf, who first gained notoriety for his political cartoons during the NATO bombing of Serbia.

America’s Dismal Choice

The final stretch of the 2012 campaign has turned into a bipartisan exercise in imperial chest-thumping.

Osprey Outrage on Okinawa

With the pace of Osprey operations increasing, so too is the catastrophic disparity between the U.S. military and the people of Okinawa.

What Explains Aung San Suu Kyi’s Silence About the Persecution of Burma’s Minorities?

A prominent Burma activist takes the Nobel laureate to task.

Turkey Haunted by Hubris

Set to be a regional leader just two years ago, Turkey is now beset by problems with neighbors and other regional powers. What happened?

For President, Focal Points (Not FPIF or IPS!) Endorses…

Is barring Mitt Romney from the presidency a good enough reason to pass on voting for a dream ticket?

The Real Lessons of the Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban missile crisis was started by imperial jockeying and resolved by genuine diplomacy.

Rebalancing Our National Security: The Benefits of Implementing a Unified Security Budget

A team of experts recommend ways to rebalance our national security budget.

Who Lost the World?

Romney’s handling of the Benghazi episode capitalizes on a foundational myth of U.S. politics: that the world is America’s to lose.

How to Stop Scaring Ourselves to Death

How about investing in an energy future that will not bring real terror to millions around the world?

Why Chavez Won Again

Life has improved for a great number of Venezuelans over the last decade.

Postcard from Kiribati

Mortally threatened by climate change, Kiribati’s future will be determined by one airport runway.