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Foreign Policy in Focus (FPIF) is a “think tank without walls” connecting the research and action of more than 600 scholars, advocates, and activists seeking to make the United States a more responsible global partner.

FPIF provides timely analysis of U.S. foreign policy and international affairs and recommends policy alternatives. We believe U.S. security and world stability are best advanced through a commitment to peace, justice, and environmental protection, as well as economic, political, and social rights. We advocate that diplomatic solutions, global cooperation, and grassroots participation guide foreign policy.

FPIF aims to amplify the voice of progressives and to build links with social movements in the U.S. and around the world. Through these connections, we advance and influence debate and discussion among academics, activists, policy-makers, and the general public.

Latest Work

Eating History

Despite its triumphalism, the GDR museum in Berlin suggests that reunification remains an unfinished business.

Samer Issawi’s Hunger Strike Shines a Spotlight on Israel’s Inhumanity

Israel showed bad faith in rearresting a man exchanged for Gilad Shalit — and worse faith by holding him in administrative detention.

Sequestration: Our Military is Due for Downsizing

In fact, sequestration will not “gut” our military. Sequestration will take our military budget back to the level it was in 2007, when we were still fighting two wars.

Where Are the Peace-Intelligence Professionals?

Why then do we invest nothing at all at collecting, studying, assessing and exploiting peace-related intelligence?

Emphasis Added: The Foreign Policy Week in Fragments

The United States military is its own worst enemy, “witch” burning, healthcare overseas, and other assorted errata.

Review: The Rich Don’t Always Win

Americans were once able to wrestle, bit by bit, power and influence from the wealthy elite–and if they did it once, they can certainly do so again.

U.S. Could Take a Lesson From France on LGBT Rights

Same-sex marriage and adoption move forward in France.

U.S. Urged to Lean Harder on Bahrain’s Ruling Family

While Washington publicly advocates for open dialogue and reform between Bahrain’s regime and the opposition, its policy has so far avoided exerting any real pressure on the kingdom to achieve these ends.

Obama Administration Reveals Deep Divisions on Syria Policy

While the official narrative of the Obama administration is sceptical of arming militant groups in Syria, divisions within the administration leave the door open for any number of policies toward the country.

Tunisia Boils Over

The assassination of a progressive Tunisian leader is the culmination of a full-blown socio-economic and cultural crisis that has been brewing in the country for the past two years.

Iran’s Weak Emergency Infrastructure Would Only Compound Effects of an Attack

Why are states allowed to implement nuclear energy without a sufficient emergency preparedness program?

The Latin American Exception

In one region of the world – in this century at least – the sun never rose on US-choreographed torture.

Israel Sees Syrian Civil War as Blow to “Iran-Hezbollah Axis”

There is no evidence that Israel’s attack on Syria was designed to, as claimed, prevent the transfer of anti-aircraft missiles to Hezbollah.

Dumb and Dumber: A Secret CIA Drone Base, a Blowback World, and Why Washington Has No Learning Curve

The Washington Post, along with other news outlets, had by “an informal arrangement” agreed two years ago to suppress news of a secret Saudi drone base – at the request of the Obama administration.

Washington Debates the Pivot to Asia

Make no mistake: the Obama administration’s “pivot to Asia” is all about containing China.

The U.S. Would Face a Harsh Choice — and Economic Loss — in War Between China and Japan

The U.S. government may be legally obligated to defend Japan.

Did John Brennan’s End Run Lead to the Death of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi?

Who would you believe: JSOC operatives past and present or the U.S. government?

Is It Time for an African Pope?

As pope, an African could provoke a subtle but important change in global attitudes toward Africa and focus more attention on a rising continent rich with promise and challenges alike.

Exactly Why Is President Obama Going to Israel?

Both Israel and the United States seek to quash expectations that the visit will jump-start the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Lurching Towards War: A Post-Mortem on Strategic Patience

As he enters his second term, Barack Obama must confront the role of ‘strategic patience’ as a central driver of our current crisis in Korea.