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Cities for Progress is a growing network of locally-elected officials and community-based activists working together for social change. CFP is a network that incorporates local, national and global approaches to issues that affect us in our own communities.

Latest Work

The Nail-Biter that Wasn’t

Voters knew just what to do.

Beyond the Jobs Report: A Call for a Transformational Economy

Those job numbers are good for Obama, but don’t say whether the economy is truly getting healthier.

Mitt Wants to be President – This President

Conservatives are going to bed very nervous tonight. They must be realizing that Mitt really is the liberal they were afraid he was. Peace, love, and… gender equality?

Rope-A-Dope Revives the Hope

Mitt was no wimp, and Obama was no progressive, but Obama had the better plans, the better attacks, and the better handle on the truth.

The Biggest Losers: Big Bird and the American People

The first presidential debate of 2012 was an exercise in ridiculousness that produced no insight, no plan, no inspiration, no leadership, and no truth.

Record Poverty Persists While Gap Between Rich and Rest of Us Increases

Sadly, those who “occupied” Wall Street and city squares across the country in 2011, were right: All of the income gains have concentrated at the top, while the rest of us saw a deterioration or stagnation in our wages and income.

The Consequences & Morality of the Return of U.S. Debtors’ Prisons

Over a third of U.S. states now allow police to jail people for owing all matter of debts, from medical bills to credit card and auto loans.

Chief Justice Roberts Saves the Day

The individual mandate won’t get the axe; the Court just affirmed that the key is the tax.

Ending Poverty in America, a Discussion with Peter Edelman

Karen Dolan speaks with Georgetown Law professor Peter Edelman to discuss his decades of anti-poverty work and his new book, “So Rich So Poor: Why It’s So Hard to End Poverty In America.”

A Ditty on Newt Gingrich: The Apogee of a Would-be Nominee

We’ll carry on with Barack and Mitt, but we lament that you called it quits.

If Health Care Reform Falls, Look in the Mirror

It didn’t have to be this way. We had the power to make things different. In fact, we still have the power to make things different.

Paul Ryan’s 2013 Budget Slashes Social Safety Net, Gives Tax Breaks to the Rich

Paul Ryan’s 2013 budget shows not only that the GOP is wildly out of touch with average Americans, but that they lack the ability to lead us anywhere but off a cliff.

Populism and Pain in Obama’s 2013 Budget Proposal

Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly from a budget proposal where Obama is letting the 1 percent off rather easy, while the rest of us, especially the poor, shoulder the pain.

Karen Dolan Weighs in on Romney’s Latest Gaffe

The “ample safety net” that Mitt referenced during an interview with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien would be shredded if his policies were to be enacted.

A Better Way of Measuring Progress in Maryland

GDP doesn’t measure most of what’s necessary for a good life.

We the People are the 99 Percent

Sage, who is 11 years old, shares her thoughts on child labor and holiday shopping.

2012 Won’t Be the Same without Herman Cain

The Institute’s deadline poet bids farewell to the former GOP front-runner’s entertaining presidential bid.

Since the Super Committee Failed, Now The Rest Of Us Can Succeed

The Super Committee’s failure to produce a deal gives us all breathing room to construct a successful path forward for America.

If the Super-Committee Fails, America Wins

Any agreement that would come forth from the SuperCommittee will inevitably be disastrous for domestic social programs.

The Wolf, The Wool and The 99%

IPS’ Karen Dolan sheds light on who is crying wolf and trying to pull the wool over our eyes, the 99%.