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White House Declares War On Earth’s Atmosphere

But states are moving independent of the administration to protect us from a climate catastrophe.

Trump’s Budget Proposal Is a Moral Atrocity

It salts the wounds of working people, guts diplomacy, and vandalizes the planet — all under the banner of false populism.

‘Muslim Ban 2.0’ Was a Vital Test of Judicial Strength

Local city-based movements have helped strengthen the backbone of judges standing up to these horrific policies.

280 Organizations with over 180 million members worldwide tell OceanaGold to abandon lost suit against El Salvador and “Pack Up and Pay Up”

The organisations are demanding OceanaGold pay El Salvador the $8 million an investor-state tribunal ruled they were owed.

David Friedman Reflects Extreme Far Right Forces in Israeli Politics

Trump’s pick for U.S. Ambassador to Israel’s definition of “peace” means Palestinians accepting an apartheid state

With DeVos Confirmation, Expect Charter School to Prison Pipeline

We could see a deepening of the racial punishment gap for schoolchildren.

A Border Wall Basically Sets an XPRIZE for Criminals to Penetrate Our Border

No matter how tall or deep Trump’s wall is, it will not stop the flow of drugs or traffickers into the U.S., in fact it will heighten the national security risk.

Trump’s Executive Order Will Amount to a Ban on Muslims from the U.S.

This policy bans refugees fleeing wars that we started.

The Trade Debate Isn’t About the U.S. vs. the World, It’s Corporations vs. the Rest of Us

If Trump lets corporate elites dictate new trade rules, all working families will suffer.

Human Rights Must Be Integrated Into International Investment Agreements

Human rights NGOs urge rejection of CETA, RCEP, TPP, TTIP, EU-Vietnam FTA.

IPS Solidarity Statement for the Progressive Path Forward

Our systems have failed us. It is clearer now than ever that radical change, with social movements at the front, is our only way forward.

An Open Letter to Secretary of State John Kerry regarding the Murder of Honduran Indigenous and Environmental Activist Berta Cáceres

Over 200 Organizations Call on Secretary Kerry to Support Independent Investigation into Murder of Honduran Environmental and Indigenous Rights Activist Berta Caceres.

Seventy National Organizations Implore Congress to Support Iran Agreement

Open Letter Urges Congress to Take Path of Diplomacy, Not War

Joint Statement by Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. and Phyllis Bennis: “Forceful Diplomacy, Not Military Force” in Syria

Today we have the possibility to turn the threat of war around. There is renewed hope that the global community can make that turn now, today.

Declaration of the G20 Counter-Summit

Five years after the financial meltdown, the G20 continues promoting failed neoliberal policies that are condemning the world to a vicious cycle of crisis and environmental collapse.