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The Trade Debate Isn’t About the U.S. vs. the World, It’s Corporations vs. the Rest of Us

If Trump lets corporate elites dictate new trade rules, all working families will suffer.

Human Rights Must Be Integrated Into International Investment Agreements

Human rights NGOs urge rejection of CETA, RCEP, TPP, TTIP, EU-Vietnam FTA.

IPS Solidarity Statement for the Progressive Path Forward

Our systems have failed us. It is clearer now than ever that radical change, with social movements at the front, is our only way forward.

An Open Letter to Secretary of State John Kerry regarding the Murder of Honduran Indigenous and Environmental Activist Berta Cáceres

Over 200 Organizations Call on Secretary Kerry to Support Independent Investigation into Murder of Honduran Environmental and Indigenous Rights Activist Berta Caceres.

Seventy National Organizations Implore Congress to Support Iran Agreement

Open Letter Urges Congress to Take Path of Diplomacy, Not War

Joint Statement by Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. and Phyllis Bennis: “Forceful Diplomacy, Not Military Force” in Syria

Today we have the possibility to turn the threat of war around. There is renewed hope that the global community can make that turn now, today.

Declaration of the G20 Counter-Summit

Five years after the financial meltdown, the G20 continues promoting failed neoliberal policies that are condemning the world to a vicious cycle of crisis and environmental collapse.

I Was Arrested Today at the White House to Say No to Dirty Energy and the Tar Sands

“Today I’m risking arrest to urge president Obama to be the leader that puts healing the planet and families over the interests of the fossil fuel industry.”

Calling for a Ceasefire in Libya

A call to Congress for a cease-fire in Libya, issued by U.S. Non-Governmental Organizations that support human rights and democracy in Africa.

U.S. Groups Join Global Call to Tax Speculators

Over 30 national organizations signed this letter urging President Obama to take action at home and abroad to stop rampant financial speculation.

G-20: Take Action on Financial Transaction Taxes

International civil society organizations urge G-20 leaders to make progress on taxing financial speculation at summit in Seoul.

Statement from Emira Woods on Haiti’s Debt

The IMF gives with one hand and takes with another.

Finance for Socioeconomic and Climate Justice

A coalition of global justice groups give a statement on climate change while in Bangkok for an international strategy meeting.

IPS on the CEO Pay Caps

We applaud efforts to cap bailout pay, but are concerned about reports of weak Treasury rules.