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NDWA and IPS to Release New Labor Trafficking Report at Public Panel Discussion, with Survivors

Labor trafficking survivors and workers rights organizers will discuss findings from Beyond Survival and impact of Trump administration on labor rights

Retirement Divide: 100 CEOs v. the Rest of Us

A new report calculates the gap in retirement assets between the top 100 CEOs and all African-American, Latino, female-headed, and white working class households.

Historic CEO Pay Tax Proposal Passes in Portland

Experts available for comment on the nation’s first tax penalty for extreme CEO-worker pay gaps.

Are You a Woman of Color Living in Detroit? Take This Survey to Help Rebuild Your City

Now is the time to speak out. From affordable housing to child care, we want to hear your thoughts on how to make Detroit better for all of us.

Engaging Women of Color in Crafting Detroit’s Economic Development Plans

IPS’ new project explores how the economic security of women and families should influence Detroit’s economic development plans

New IPS Report Warns of Increasingly Top-Heavy Philanthropy

Concentrated Giving by Wealthy Donors along with Falling Donations by Non-Wealthy Pose Risks to Independent Sector and Civil Society

After Seven Years and Millions of Dollars, Decision Announced in Pac Rim Mining Company vs. El Salvador

Coalition of Groups State “There Are No Winners,” Investor-State Arbitration Subverts Democracy

Help Spread the Word: #CombatVsClimate

Help us spread the word about our latest report, “Combat Vs. Climate: The Military and Climate Security Budgets Compared”

New IPS Report “Combat vs. Climate” Provides Most Accurate Climate Change Budget Available

The report found that although the U.S. military identifies climate change as an urgent national security threat, it spends 28 times more on traditional military security.

IPS Marks 40th Anniversary of Letelier-Moffitt Assassination

Memorial events to include a ceremony with Chilean President Bachelet, who will receive a final tranche of declassified documents on the case from a high-level State Department official.

Executive Excess 2016: The Wall Street CEO Bonus Loophole

A new Institute for Policy Studies report is the first to calculate how much taxpayers have been subsidizing executive bonuses at the nation’s largest banks.

Statement on Donald Trump’s Visit to Mexico

IPS Expert on Free Trade Issues: Mexican President Peña Nieto is opening the doors to a xenophobe who doesn’t understand that the issues of free trade and immigration are inextricably linked.

Statement on Texas Judge’s Ruling Against Trans-inclusive Obama Directive

IPS expert says she’s “sickened and saddened” by a Texas judge’s discriminatory ruling against Obama directive to recognize civil rights of transgender students in U.S public schools.

C-SPAN: The Emerging Racial Justice Agenda

The Institute for Policy Studies hosts “The Emerging Racial Justice Agenda,” a brown bag honoring the just-released policy agenda of the Movement for Black Lives.

New York Times LTE: Think Tanks and Corporate America

There’s a subset of think tanks like IPS that don’t solicit contributions from governments and large corporations.