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New Report Underscores Massive Tax Giveaways to Private Jet Set

The Private Jet Industry Spent $56 Million Dollars to Lobby Congress to Save More than $1 Billion in Taxes for America’s Most Affluent Fliers

As Harmful Spending Policies Loom, IPS Teams Up with Federal Budget Experts

The National Priorities Project is joining the Institute for Policy Studies to fight for a budget that prioritizes people over profit.


Research compiled by the Institute for Policy Studies reveals Kip Tom of Tom Farms is the 9th largest farm subsidy recipient in Indiana.

Big development banks dominate Green Climate Fund, new study finds

“Green Climate Fund: A Performance Check” found that only seven percent of the $2.2 billion in funds already allocated to projects and programs will pass through national or subnational developing country institutions.

New Report Finds Corporate Tax Cuts Boost CEO Pay, Not Jobs

As President Trump launches his tax cut campaign today, a new report provides the first look at the jobs records of U.S. firms that pay taxes near the rates Trump favors

Black-led Labor Organizers Discuss Challenges and Tactics of Black Worker Organizing in the Trump Era at State of Black Workers in America Conference

The Institute for Policy Studies held its 3rd State of Black Workers in America Conference at historic Howard University.

IPS to Host 3rd State of Black Workers in America Conference

Day-long conference to feature panels discussing most innovative organizing led by Black workers in the U.S. in the Trump era

Mothers at the Gate Re-Release

In honor of the mothers nation-wide struggling for justice for their incarcerated or formerly incarcerated children

Groups challenge DOE on grid study

Political attack against renewables to ignore billions in polluter welfare.

New IPS Report Provides a Blueprint for States to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Trump Era

This report compiles existing state models for Renewable Portfolio Standards expansion and distributed solar access to low-income communities to create best practices for RPS legislation that can be replicated around the country.

U.S. Anti-war, Climate Justice, Racial Justice, Women’s, Immigrant Rights, Economic Justice Movement Leaders All Oppose Trump’s $54 Billion Increase in Pentagon Budget

The broad-based #No$54BillionforWar Campaign includes city-based resolutions against increased military spending

The CEO Pay Tax Break in the Republican Health Care Proposal

A new report analyzes the cost of removing Obamacare limits on the tax deductibility of executive compensation, based on pay data at the top 5 insurers.

Briefing: Scholars and Organizers on Cameroon’s State-Sponsored Human Rights Abuses

IPS to host panel on conditions that have created Cameroon’s Internet refugees.

A Window Opens Into Trump’s Tax Returns

Trump Would Benefit From His Tax Reform Proposal

NDWA and IPS Report Reveals Link Between Immigration Enforcement and Human Trafficking, With Stories and Solutions From Survivors

The Beyond Survival report found that among 110 reported cases of domestic worker trafficking, 78% of survivors were threatened with deportation if they reported abuse