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New Report: Executive Excess 2021

Low-Wage Workers Lost Hours, Jobs, and Lives. Their Employers Bent the Rules — To Pump up CEO Paychecks.

Transit Equity Report Finds Riders and Workers Continue to Need Better Access to Affordable & Reliable Public Transit to Meet Essential Needs and for Economy Recovery and Climate Action

The Transit Equity Network released a new report, “Community Hearing on Transit Equity 2021: Findings and Recommendations.”

Pouring Money into the Pentagon Can’t Prevent Another Pandemic

“This increase will only feed contractor greed and increase the likelihood of more military conflicts in more places.”

New Report: Frist Family Pandemic Fortunes

Pandemic doubles wealth of private, for-profit hospital billionaire Thomas F. Frist Jr.’s family to $15.6 billion.

Through 11 Months of National Pandemic Misery, U.S. Billionaires Have Grown $1.3 Trillion Richer

664 Richest Americans Now Worth a Collective $4.2 Trillion, Up 44 Percent Since COVID Shutdowns Began in March 2020

U.S. Billionaire Wealth Surpasses $1.1 Trillion Gain Since Mid-March

Ten months into the COVID-19 crisis, 660 billionaires see their wealth rise 40 percent.

Alarming New Report Exposes Dangerous Link Between Fossil-Fueled Politicians and Anti-Protest Laws

Muzzling Dissent exposes the money trail linking corporate lobbyists, elected officials, and anti-protest laws.

Advisory: 80 Experts Agree Green New Deal, Youth Climate Movement Keys to Defeating the Global Far-Right

Join a press call with international experts on the prospects for rolling back far-right movements in 2020.

New Report Calls for Transformation of International Trade Rules

As NAFTA 2.0 hangs in balance, U.S. and Canadian organizations recommend new rules for future trade agreements that prioritize people and planet, not corporations.

Advisory: Poor People’s Campaign Brings Moral Budget to Washington

Moral Budget report press call will release details exploding myth that we can’t afford to end poverty and racism ahead of 2020 candidates forum

Indigenous people call on Pan American Silver to cease local interference out of respect for the consultation process in Guatemala

Pan American Silver’s “community relations” taking place in parallel to the consultation process are coercive, heighten tensions, and jeopardize the free nature of the process.

MEDIA ADVISORY: The Institute for Policy Studies and Raskin Family to Present First Annual Marcus Raskin Award for Civic and Intellectual Courage

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II will receive the award in honor of the late Marcus Raskin’s legacy

Supreme Court Accepts Appeal of Peruvian Human Rights Defender and Overturns Sentence

The decision will be precedent-setting for the future of social protest in Peru.

More than one hundred organizations reject the unjust payment of USD $31 million to Canadian mining company Bear Creek

Groups call for the annulment of sentence against Aymara spokesperson in the Peruvian Supreme Court