Archive: Press Releases

Experts Available: UN Advisory Group on Climate Finance Report

Recommendations downplay role of public finance and rely too much on private finance.

G20: IPS Experts Available for Comment

183 organizations representing more than 200 million citizens urge G20 leaders to “listen to the people, not the banks.”

Leading Poverty Experts Assess New Census Data

Call for Bold, Comprehensive Plan to Combat Poverty and Unemployment

CEOs Who Cut the Most Jobs Earn More than Peers

The 17th annual Executive Excess report shows that CEOs are squeezing workers to boost short-term profits and their own paychecks.

Statement of Phyllis Bennis in advance of President Obama’s speech detailing ‘the end of the war in Iraq’

The director of the Institute’s New Internationalism project says there’s no victory to claim in Iraq.

Top U.S. Leadership Endorses Unified Security Budget

Pentagon plans for cuts won’t change security spending balance

Statement from Phyllis Bennis, Director of the New Internationalism Project

The Institute’s Middle East expert issues a statement on the Wikileaks release on U.S./NATO actions in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Immigration Debate Ignores Causes

Experts available for comment on immigration.

African-American Woman to Head the Institute for Policy Studies for First Time

Longtime Director of Institute Begins Year-long Sabbatical

Taxing the Wall Street Casino

Report looks at how speculation taxes might have changed the outcome of recent global financial fiascos

Statement on the Gaza Flotilla Tragedy: IPS Fellow Phyllis Bennis

From Phyllis Bennis, Fellow, Institute for Policy Studies (currently in Istanbul).

Urging Presidents Obama and Calderon to Address Human and Workers’ Rights Issues

They should seek to strengthen Mexican judicial and civilian institutions while creating jobs and education opportunities for the millions of those without decent jobs.

Press Release: Mining for Profits

Transnational corporations are increasingly turning to international arbitration tribunals to resolve disputes over natural resource rights, a new report reveals.

Split This Rock Poetry Festival: Poems of Provocation & Witness

Second biennial festival celebrates poetry’s power as an agent of change.