Henry Rosemont

Henry Rosemont Jr. is a distinguished professor of the liberal arts (emeritus) at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and a visiting scholar in the Religious Studies Department at Brown University.

John McAuliff

John McAuliff is the Executive Director of the U.S. Indochina Reconciliation Project.

Bama Athreya

Bama Athreya is the executive director of the International Labor Rights Forum, an advocacy organization dedicated to achieving just and humane treatment for workers worldwide.

James Nolt

James H. Nolt is campus dean at NYIT Nanjing (China) and a senior fellow at the World Policy Institute.
Lyuba Zarsky

Lyuba Zarsky

Lyuba Zarsky is Associate Professor in the International Environmental Policy Program of the Monterey Institute of International Studies in California. Her research focuses on policy-relevant studies of globalization, sustainable development, and market governance,...