William A. Collins, an OtherWords columnist, is a former Connecticut State lawmaker and the former mayor of Norwalk. He founded Minuteman Media, which later became OtherWords, in 1998. 9collins[AT]sbcglobal.net


Sorry, You’re Under Surveillance

The supreme irony of the government stomping on civil rights is that it breeds countless new enemies.

Health Care is America’s Cash Cow

Human health is too important to allow such gamesmanship.

Class Struggle

Improving America’s schools requires tackling poverty, a major underlying cause of weak education.

Riled West

There’s just too much corn and coal.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Care

The gay rights movement is gradually winning its battle for equality.

Another Curse for Afghanistan

The Pentagon is suddenly getting suspiciously into geology.

Whistleblowers Get a Refuge

Iceland is resourceful.

There’s Still Big Money in War

If there is one thing that the whole world can agree on, it’s that we already have too many warheads, but that doesn’t deter the companies that make them.

Our Prisons Don’t do us Justice

Reform would naturally come quicker if the public could easily see how absurd internal conditions often are.

It Takes too Much Money to Run

Who are we to tell other countries how to manage their elections?

We’ve Got Empire Stress Disorder

One day the deficit will force us to bring all those troops home, like it or not.

Bombs Bursting in Air

Nuclear weapons and landmines are still with us.

Put Your Money on Climate Change

We’re going to need more than a handful of wind farms continue and some solar clusters here and there.

Want a Job? Good Luck

Get ready for more foreclosures and more kids moving back in with Mom and Dad.

Downplaying the Mess of War

All presidents are too eager to “move forward” into exciting new wars, which someone else will later have to clean up.

Yes, Virginia, Banks Really Are the Bad Guys

Let’s hope the financial reform pending in Congress will actually put an end to such Wall Street fraud and abuse.

Mainstream Media Blues

Newspapers, magazines, TV, and even radio are all battling the wolf at the door.

America’s Crusade Against Workers

Without a union or government bulwark to protect them, even the highest-level employees can be treated like dirt.

No Fixing Housing Woes Without Dealing with Jobs First

Many Americans are struggling to hang onto their houses and apartments.

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