William A. Collins, an OtherWords columnist, is a former Connecticut State lawmaker and the former mayor of Norwalk. He founded Minuteman Media, which later became OtherWords, in 1998. 9collins[AT]sbcglobal.net


This Recession Isn’t Temporary

America could use a new stimulus package.

Pay Attention to Climate Change, Even if It’s Bad for Business

Leaving little to chance, corporations have purchased politicians, media, advertising, think tanks, and meteorologists.

War Criminal? Not Me Boss!

What’s a war crime and what’s not depends on who wins, who controls the International Criminal Court, and who controls the press.

Segregation Still Strong 150 Years after the Civil War Began

Maybe racial discrimination will truly fade someday, but don’t count on it for now.

Education Is Universal but Unequal

If we want to preserve America’s status as a world leader, we had better start pouring money into preparing poor kids for leadership.

Chugging Down the Wrong Track

The nation’s sick health care system is killing too many Americans.

Fukushima, USA

We ought to end this whole nuclear business right now.

War Gets Easier All the Time

Nowadays decisions on war can quickly become back page stuff.

The Abortion War Cranks Up

Reducing abortion rates requires better sex education and more access to contraception, but many states aren’t on board.

America’s Housing Paradox

There’s money to bail out the banks but not to bail out the homeless.

Libya: It’s All about the Oil

When there’s no oil, there’s no intervention.

Nukes: You Can Never Turn Your Back

The best way to protect ourselves from deadly radioactivity is to get rid of the stuff altogether.

Torturers? Who, Us?

It’s time President Obama stopped protecting our war criminals.

‘Stability’ a Fig Leaf for Dictatorship

Hillary Clinton speaks highly of democracy in the abstract but quickly loses enthusiasm as the reality approaches.

Environmental Ruination’s Corporate Sponsors

Energy moguls think that environmentalists would be happy to see our nation freeze in the dark.

Big Bankers Aren’t Like the Rest of Us

The big money lurks in schemes and scams.

Echoes of Fascism

Instead of “blackshirts,” we’ve got stuffed suits.

Hospitals Should be Good for Your Health

Hospital-acquired infection is the gorilla in the room.

War Is Hell, Even if You Survive

Do you really think that hundreds of thousands of men and women can return from repeated blood-curdling scenes of death and suffering without mental damage?

The Media Flunks WikiLeaks 101

Pressures are mounting internationally for us to behave ourselves, as we have recently been forced to do in Egypt.

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