Foreign Policy In Focus columnist Walden Bello is a member of the House of Representatives of the Philippines and a senior analyst at the Bangkok-based research and advocacy institute Focus on the Global South.


Elites vs. Greens in the Global South

Can the environmental movement in the Global South, asks Walden Bello, serve as a pivotal agent in the fight against global warming?

The Day After

Where will the Bali roadmap take us?

Players and Plays at Bali

Bush still balks on global warming, Australia changes its tune, and activists insist on climate justice.

The Post-Washington Dissensus

The Washington Consensus is dead. Here’s what needs to take its place.

All Fall Down

Ten years after the Asian financial crisis, the Pacific economies have yet to really recover. Meanwhile, as columnist Walden Bello argues, finance capital resists any form of global regulation, making more financial crises likely.

Climate Change Flap at the G8

George W. Bush and Angela Merkel are fighting over the weather. But a leaked draft of the G8 statement, explains columnist Walden Bello, reveals that the spat is over details not substance.

Globalization in Retreat

One world economy ready or not? FPIF columnist Walden Bello argues that globalization has reached its high-water mark and is receding.

Hurricane Milton

Economist Milton Friedman cut a devastating path through the Global South.

Iraq After November 7

Americans want a new direction in foreign policy, but will the Democrats lead?

Chain-Gang Economics

China and the United States are sustaining the global economy. But as FPIF columnist Walden Bello points out, this linked relationship is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

The Thai Coup

What’s going on in Thailand, briefly.

A Siamese Tragedy

The recent coup in Thailand marks the downfall of democracy in Thailand. Will it also signal a retreat from democracy worldwide?

The Crisis of Multilateralism

On the eve of their summit in Singapore, the World Bank and IMF are in serious trouble, from a democratic deficit to a serious economic shortfall. Columnist Walden Bello writes about the event he was banned from attending.

Pax Romana versus Pax Americana: Contrasting Strategies of Imperial Management

After its successful invasion of Iraq, the U.S. appears to be at the height of its power.

Capitalist Crisis and Corporate Crime

The dynamics of the system of deregulated, finance-driven global capitalism are the central problem of the current economy.

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