The Falklands Referendum: A Hemispheric Balancing Act

How will Washington and Latin American capitals respond to the Falklands referendum?

Peru Confronts Its Past

Peru is grappling with a host of issues stemming from its violent struggle against insurgent movements.

Don’t Recreate Haiti’s Army

Haiti badly needs to provide for its own security, but it should avoid reconstituting its coup-prone army.

Humala: Chavez Clone or Washington Partner?

Half a year into his presidency, Peru’s Ollanta Humala has not been the Chavez clone his critics predicted.

China and the End of the Monroe Doctrine

Is a superpower confrontation over the Falkland islands a real possibility?

An Easy Way to Improve U.S.-Latin American Relations

Brazil is a front-runner for a seat in a restructured UN Security Council.

    The Falklands Referendum: A Hemispheric Balancing Act

    International Policy Digest | January 18, 2013