The CIA Is an Ethics-Free Zone

Members of America’s spy agency don’t even learn the rules.

Instead of Pardoning a Turkey, Obama Should Free This Man

This year, the president should extend some Thanksgiving clemency to human beings — starting with Leonard Peltier.

What Clinton Got Wrong About Snowden

The former secretary of state attacked the NSA whistleblower without bothering to get her facts straight.

The Sad Fate of America’s Whistleblowers

History may smile on these guardians of the public trust, but during their lifetimes they remain outcasts.

Pope Francis and the Pain of Prisoners

The pontiff had compassionate words for the incarcerated. Will that message be heard by those paid to oversee their safety and security?

A Racist Wake-Up Call

After Ahmed Mohamed’s ordeal, there’s no denying that Americans still harbor misguided feelings about Muslims.

Mitch McConnell’s War on Iran — and Boeing?

The only people who get hurt if Congress slaps new trade sanctions on Iran are U.S. aviation companies.

When Travel Means Putting Your Life on the Line

Americans should be able to count on help from Washington if they run into trouble overseas.

Let’s Talk About Torture

Former CIA leaders are writing a book that will whitewash their crimes against humanity.

The Sentence They Don’t Tell You About

The government’s petty harassment didn’t end after I served time for being a whistleblower.

Blood from a Stone

I went to Athens to see what economic catastrophe looks like on the ground. What I saw shocked me.

Second Chances Are as American as Baseball

Just as Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame, non-violent drug offenders belong at home with their families.

Correcting Unfair Sentencing Laws

The government should stop locking up nonviolent drug offenders for decades.

Why Won’t Greece Take a Deal?

Half of young Greeks are unemployed, and over 40 percent live in poverty. Is default really worse than letting Europe squeeze the country dry?

What Caused the Charleston Massacre?

Relentless racism and a powerful anti-gun control lobby make for a deadly combination.

All Hacked Up

The Justice Department should stop targeting hardworking Americans and start protecting us from actual threats.

Three Felonies a Day

In the world’s most incarcerated country, some high-profile sex offenders walk free.

Re-entering Society — and the Voting Booth

Nearly three dozen states restrict felons from voting even after they’ve served their time.

The Latest Victim in the War on Whistleblowers

Jeffrey Sterling learned the hard way that the feds will throw the book at anyone who embarrasses them.

Closing the Door on Torture

There’s still time for the Obama administration to prosecute U.S. human rights abusers.