Human Rights Must Be Integrated Into International Investment Agreements

Human rights NGOs urge rejection of CETA, RCEP, TPP, TTIP, EU-Vietnam FTA.

Ohio Proves It: Rehabilitation Works

The Buckeye State has reformed its juvenile justice system because it understands that “children have to be treated like children.”

Nonviolent Offenders Shouldn’t Have to Die in Prison

Inmates on their deathbeds should be free to spend their final days with their loved ones.

An American Mussolini

The GOP front-runner’s calls for violence against his critics are no joke.

The Pentagon is Trying to Cover Up the Toxic Effects of its Deadly Burn Pits

A book that reveals how burn pits poison soldiers and can cause the rare brain cancer that killed Joe Biden’s son has been banned on military bases.

What’s at Stake in Apple’s Privacy Fight

The feds dropped the ball on a key terrorism case, so now they’re going after privacy itself.

Syrian Ceasefire Offers New Era of Hope Between US, Russia

Former CIA counterterrorism officer and whistleblower John Kiriakou told Sputnik that the Syrian ceasefire offers the first substantive step towards a lasting peace and the possibility for a new era of US-Russian cooperation.

Systematic abuse of prisoners is rampant

The federal system’s record isn’t anything to be proud of. Prison guards get away with abusing prisoners every day.

America’s Killer Prisons

Inmates across America die every day because of substandard medical care.

The [Redacted] Truth about the CIA

America’s most notorious spy agency even deceives its own employees.

The GOP Presidential Candidates’ Infatuation With Illegal Torture

In the latest Republican Debate, Donald Trump vows to bring back waterboarding — an impeachable offence.

Let’s End Torture in U.S. Prisons

Survivors call solitary confinement “living death.”

How To Stop The Endemic Problem of Prisoner Abuse in Federal Prisons

Federal prison guards are brutalizing inmates, and too many are turning a blind eye.

Let’s Put Prison Sentences on Probation

Judges share the blame for America’s burgeoning incarcerated population.

Outrage in Oregon

Taking over a federal building at the point of a rifle gives protest a bad name.

The GOP Candidates Know Nothing about Syria

Ending this imbroglio requires robust diplomacy.

Congress has created an average of 50 new crimes per year for the past decade.

Not 50 new laws. Fifty new crimes. That’s criminal.

What the Red Cup Controversy Really Says about Christmas in America

What has modern American culture turned Christmas into?

Buy Today, Kill Tomorrow

Suspected terrorists can buy guns legally in the United States — and that’s how the NRA wants it.

Paying for Patriotism

The Pentagon shells out millions for sports leagues to “support the troops” with cheap stunts.