The Cold War Takes a Hit

The new defense budget makes a down-payment on Obama’s promise to get rid of obsolete military systems, but maintains an upward trajectory of military spending.

Goodbye to Defense’s Gilded Age?

The United States will spend more on defense over the next 365 days than on the $700 bailout package.

Chess vs Checkers: Iraq, National Security and the Presidential Candidates

It is rare for a candidate to ask Americans to take a step back and think strategically about the national security problems facing the United States.

Bush Won’t Stop the Bucks

Trying to paper over political problems in Iraq by sinking additional American greenbacks into military operations misses the point entirely.

Moving the Chains: Congress and the War in Iraq

War opponents must avoid a circular firing squad and encourage moderate Republicans–especially Senators–to join the anti-war camp.

    The Cold War Takes a Hit

    Common Dreams | April 8, 2009

    The Cold War Takes a Hit

    Foreign Policy In Focus | April 7, 2009