Tom Barry is a Senior Policy Analyst and Americas Policy Program Fellow at the Center for International Policy.


G8/G7 and Global Governance

At the center of the current debate of global governance is the G8/G7, a self-constituted forum of the major free-market democracies, whose deliberations and declarations have come to shape key decisions in the management of global political and economic affairs.

The War Between Ethiopia and Eritrea

Despite claims to the contrary, Ethiopia and Eritrea have been fighting not over a border but over rival hegemonic claims in the Horn of Africa and over “national pride” and “territorial integrity.”

G8 and Global Governance

The G8/G7, a self-constituted forum of the major free-market democracies, has situated itself at the center of global governance.

Foreign Policy In Focus Response to Terrorism Sign-on Statement

Unleashing vengeance through overwhelming U.S. firepower will prove an ineffective and counterproductive response to this new scourge of international terrorism.

“U.S. Foreign Aid isn’t ‘Stingy,’ it’s Tied to Strategic Interests”

Is the United States the good St. Nicholas or an Ebenezer Scrooge?

Global Economic Governance: Strategic Crossroads

The objective of this discussion paper is to examine in broad terms the emergence of a transnational citizen movement opposed to the current forms of global economic governance, while providing sketches of main analytical tendencies within this diverse movement.

Global Focus: U.S. Foreign Policy at the Turn of the Millennium

A penetrating critique of current U.S. foreign policy through a series of original essays by leading progressive scholars.

International Investment Rules and the Environment

Environmentalists are increasingly demanding that international rules and corporate norms governing investment explicitly embrace environmental and social performance goals.

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