Tom Athanasiou is the executive director of EcoEquity, an activist think tank devoted to promoting effective solutions for climate control. He is the author of Divided Planet: The Ecology of Rich and Poor and the co-author of Dead Heat: Global Justice and Global Warming.


Occupy and the Climate Negotiations

The problem here is “governance failure.” Or maybe we should just call it “decadence.” The United States may at this point be so weakened by rot and ideology that it is unable even to act in its own interests, let alone the interests of its people, let alone the interests of humanity as a whole.

Tax Justice as Climate Justice

You don’t have to leave America to go to the Third World.

Spotlight Cancun: Cancun Success – Compared to What?

Cancun was not a surprise. Nor was it a failure. This much is easy to say.

The Cancun Setup

Discouragement is already in the air in the lead-up to the Cancun talks, but hope must stay on the table.

Toward a Defensible Climate Realism

It’s time to go beyond dubious political compromises and get real about global warming.

Where We Stand: Honesty about Dangerous Climate Change, and about Preventing it

We stand, first, with the emerging scientific consensus, which tells us we have very little time to act if we honestly expect to avoid a global (as opposed to a “merely local”) climate catastrophe.

The Kyoto Protocol, and Beyond

The first thing to say about Kyoto’s entry into force (Feb 16th) is that it is a significant victory, won particularly by the Europeans, over social and economic complacency, cash-amplified, flat-earth pseudo-science, the carbon cartel, and, of course, the Bush administration.

Too Much of Nothing

The Bush administration’s latest efforts at derailing global action on climate–an authentic threat to global security.

Two Futures, and a Choice

That path, of course, would be a long one, and full of surprises. But unlike the path that the Cheney team would have us think inevitable, it would open into a future worth having.

Calling All Realists

But could a visionary climate plan, anchored in an alliance between the EU and the South, shift the field? We believe that it could.

After Marrakesh

Analyzing the Kyoto Protocol, part of FPIF’s series of discussion papers addressing contentious issues in global affairs.

Bonn and Genoa: A Tale of Two Cities and Two Movements

Genoa and Bonn, taken together, portray the Janus face of globalization.

Raise a Glass to Kyoto

If Kyoto goes down, there will be serious collateral damage, a point that G.W. Bush’s handlers have only recently begun to realize.

Climate Change: Europe at the Crossroads

It’s hard for Americans, even progressive Americans, to imagine a future in which the U.S. is no longer the “indispensable country.”

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    The Cancun Setup

    Common Dreams | November 30, 2010