Todd Tucker is research director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch. He is an expert in issues dealing with the Central America Free Trade Agreement, job-offshoring, national security, the 2008 elections and other trade issues.


Fair Trade Victory

Favoring fair trade over NAFTA-style policies helped Obama and dozens of congressional candidates prevail in the 2008 elections.

Chvez Reconfirmed

After five years of extra-constitutional attempts to remove President Hugo Chávez from power, the U.S.-supported Venezuelan opposition finally got what it has asked for: a referendum on Chávez’s rule on Sunday. But having attained their stated goal, it could be the worst thing that has happened to them.

Candidates Seeking Multilateral Debt Cancellation for the Poorest Countries

People looking to get excited about American democracy in an election year needn’t look further than the current proposals on poor country debt relief from multilateral institutions being put forward by the presidential campaigns.

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