Seeing No Evil In The Congo

The United States and its allies, Rwanda and Uganda, have played a significant role in the greatest humanitarian crisis at the dawn of the 21st century.

Hip Hop As Emancipatory Journalism

Various mechanisms have been instituted to control and silence hip hop’s political voice because culture, particularly in the form of music, can and has been used as a tool for community resistance.

The New Age of Journalism

U.S. citizens and activists seek to broaden the Al Jazeera English audience by increasing its availability on local cable networks.

Resource Extraction and Human Rights in Chad

Hear some of what Delphine Djiraibe, Ian Gary, Corinna Gilfillan, and others have to say about the effects on community rights by the oil extraction industry.

Effects of Resource Extraction on Human Rights in Chad

An illustration of the problems that arise when poor nations try to leverage oil and gas production within the confines of the global economic order.