Stephen Zunes, a Foreign Policy In Focus columnist and senior analyst, is a professor of Politics and chair of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of San Francisco. He is the author, along with Jacob Mundy, of Western Sahara: War, Nationalism, and Conflict Irresolution (Syracuse University Press, 2010).


WikiLeaks Western Sahara Cables Reveal Role of Ideology in State Dept.

Interpretations of events by State Department personnel in the WikiLeaks documents are often anything but accurate reflections of reality.

Senate Again Undermines Obama’s Middle-East Peace Efforts

Once again, as President Obama pressures Israel to freeze expansion of its settlements, leading Congressional Democrats have joined with Republicans to try to stop him.

The Other Oil Spill

The Gulf oil spill rightly provoked congressional outrage at the perpetrators. But where was the outrage for the oil spill in 2006 in Lebanon?

Hikers in Iran

The three U.S. hikers seized by the Iranian government are progressive activists, and the progressive community should demand their release.

Pavlovian Congress Jumps to Israel’s ‘Self-‘ Defense

Learning what actually transpired during Israel’s attack on the Gaza Flotilla was apparently of little interest to the majority of congress which signed a letter in its defense.

Israel’s Dubious Investigation of Flotilla Attack

Israel has put together a committee to look into its recent flotilla attack. Is Washington’s support for this less-than-independent inquiry a quid pro quo for Israel’s reducing its blockade of Gaza?

60 Second Expert: Democratic Party Defends Israeli Attack

Instead of pinning the blame on Israel for flotilla tragedy, congressional Democrats are leaping to Israel’s defense.

Democratic Party Defends Israeli Attack

Instead of pinning the blame on Israel for flotilla tragedy, congressional Democrats are leaping to Israel’s defense.

Will the Flotilla Attack Be Our “Kent State” Moment?

Israel’s attack on the unarmed flotilla last weekend could be a “Kent State moment.” When white middle-class students were gunned down on a college campus, it woke up a whole new segment of American society to police killings of minority students. Similarly, while the Israeli military has been killing Arab civilians for years, now that they have attacked European and American peace activists it has created a whole new dynamic.

U.S. Support for Israel Mirrors 80s Support for El Salvador Junta

The similarities between the Israeli government and El Salavador’s junta in the eighties are eerily similar — as is U.S. support for them.

Israel’s Latest Violation

The nonviolent activists aboard the flotilla hoping to break the blockade of Gaza were not terrorists, and their provoking of confrontation follows in a long tradition of peace and justice activism.

U.S. Lawmakers Support Illegal Annexation

By supporting Morocco’s illegal annexation of Western Sahara, the Senate is establishing a dangerous precedent in international relations.

Obama and the Denial of Genocide

The Obama administration is trying to bury the Armenia genocide resolution — just like every previous administration.

Obama Stumbles on Human Rights

The president couldn’t answer a simple question about Israel and Egypt, which speaks volumes about U.S. human rights policy.

Obama’s State of the Union

The president devoted only 10 percent of his speech to foreign policy.

Human Rights: C+

The Obama administration’s failure to speak out more boldly against human rights abuses is a poor moral and a political choice.

60 Second Expert: The U.S. in Yemen

Much attention has recently been focused on the poverty-stricken country of Yemen.

Yemen: Latest U.S. Battleground

The United States could be creating a failed state where there wasn’t one before.

A Tale of Two Human Rights Awardees

Washington supports those who protest against regimes it opposes and ignores the human rights activists of allied countries.

Bipartisan Attack on International Humanitarian Law

A House resolution on the Goldstone report represents Bush’s foreign policy legacy.

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