Review: Obama and China’s Rise

A new book offers a look at the Obama administration’s China policy from the inside.

Review: Bending History

A new book argues that there’s been nothing visionary about Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

Should We Engage North Korea?

The United States has failed in its policies to punish, isolate, and otherwise push North Korea toward collapse. Perhaps it should try engagement instead.

Nye’s Future of Power

Joseph Nye updates his analysis of soft and hard power.

Review: No Exit

A new book on North Korea provides the context for understanding its nuclear program.

Ramadan Stops Libyan Rebels Neither From Fighting Gaddafi’s Forces, Nor Among Themselves

Rebel forces claim that they need not observe Ramadan.

CIA Vaccination Program to Catch Bin Laden Makes Middle-East Even More Suspicious of Vaccinations

The global anti-polio campaign has recently been complicated by the CIA operation to verify Osama bin Laden’s location by gathering DNA samples through a hepatitis B vaccination program.

Pakistan’s K — as in Kashmir — Street

A Washington nonprofit funnels money from Pakistan’s ISI to lobby Congress on Kashmir.

Bush Sr. and Huntsman: A Tale of Two Ambassadors to the Middle Kingdom

Though a Republican, Jon Huntsman points the way to better relations with China.

    Review: No Exit

    The Asia Times | August 11, 2011